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9 Fun Activities To Do With Your BFF During March Break In Ottawa

Two words: endless mimosas.
9 Fun Activities To Do With Your BFF During March Break In Ottawa
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Good news, everyone: springtime is finally just around the corner. Let’s be honest, the winter has been super harsh and all kinds of crazy. But thankfully, March is just about to roll around, bearing terrific news to keep us all going: March break is finally (almost) here!

March break, spring break, reading week… whatever you call it, you can’t deny that this gift from the universe itself is long overdue. And whether you’re returning home to Ottawa to bask in our capital's electric vibes, or straight-up staying in the city to partake in awesome activities, one thing’s for sure: There’s no better place to spend a well-deserved break exploring your surroundings!

Treat your BFF to a bottomless-mimosa brunch; discover a brand new "fairy light" bar; get reacquainted with the ByWard Market; however you choose to make the most of your spring break, you’ll be more than able to have a blast and enjoy everything this magical city has to offer!

EvenHydro Ottawaknows that nothing should stop you from having a good time and striving to energize your life! That's why it's always happy to help make all of our daily activities possible through the power of electricity - everything from enjoying a freshly brewed coffee to even something as basic as strolling through the city (did you know Ottawa was the very first city in the world to have all its street lights lit with electricity in the 1800s?), Hydro Ottawa totally has our backs!

1. Take Your Pub Crawl Up a Notch and Discover a Brand-New "Secret" Scotch Bar

Scotch? Good! Hidden bars? Great! Spending your March break with your ride or die sipping on fragrant and quality liquors? FANTASTIC!

Montgomery Scotch Lounge is a brand spankin' new spot where you can sip and appreciate what just might be the world's greatest spirit. Sharing its space with Oat Couture Oatmeal Cafe, Montgomery opens at 5:00 P.M. from Thursday to Sunday.

Not that it matters too much, since time during March break is basically on standstill - but this does mean you and your BFF can enjoy a warm bowl of freshly cooked oatmeal during the day, and sip on a warm glass of one of 54 (!) scotches during the nighttime.

2. Or This Super Bright Bar That'll Give Your Instagram Life

Man, is it just me, or is Ottawa's bar scene becoming more and more legit? Either way, if scotch isn't your thing, don't sweat it. You've got plenty of other bar options to pick from, including this relatively new gem that'll literally dazzle you (thanks to Hydro Ottawa!).

Rabbit Hole on Sparks Street has been open for a very short while, but it's already leaving a lasting impression - particularly because of its lighted ceiling. Picture a whole, entire ceiling decked out in the most magical fairy lights you've ever seen... Now you're somewhere in the ballpark of how awesome this spot's atmosphere truly is.

3. Get Traditional at the Sugar Shack

Sugaring-off is probably the most quintessentially Canadian winter activity; that's why Vanier Museopark's Sugar Shack is a can't-miss heritage gem! The rare urban Sugar Shack has proudly been keeping this beloved tradition alive in its snug, charming setting, serving up traditionally Canadian homecooked meals.

This is definitely a spot that you and your BFF won't regret checking out during March break. Commiserate with your girl about school and work over a super delicious maple feast with ALL the fixings!

4. Book a Maple Spa Treatment

Grab your bestie, leave your cares behind, and treat yourselves to a fancy, feel-good day of pampering at the luxurious Holtz Spa. Running the gamut from rose quartz and champagne facials to lash extensions and micro blading, this elegant spa's treatments will have you looking like a rejuvenated, recharged version of yourself.

Holtz's sweet spot that definitely sets it apart from the rest? Its maple specialty treatments: maple manicure, pedicure, massage, sugar body scrub and wrap - have you ever heard of such a thing?! Using Fulton's signature, locally crafted Maple Luscious Bath and Body Products, Holtz's exquisite treatments are the perfect addition to your March break!

5. Get Cultured and Finally Appreciate The National Gallery of Canada

True facts: The National Gallery of Canada is home to countless breathtaking art pieces, world-renowned exhibitions, and literal wonders to behold. And all of it, right in our backyard!Grab your BFF and discover - really discover - all the National Gallery of Canada has to offer. Take in the Indigenous Galleries; the new Canadian Photography Institute; find contemporary art exhibits that play with light provided by Hydro Ottawa and turn it into art. Take pictures, ask questions, and truly get into Ottawa's art scene while you have the time to!

6. Stroll Around ByWard Market and Discover the City's Cutest Spots

There's nothing quite like spending the afternoon ambling through the historic ByWard Market, a vibrant neighbourhood with over 600 boutiques, restaurants, pubs, and so much more. Munch on your fav BeaverTail, try Moulin de Provence's famous Trudeau and Obama cookies, or pop into Banh Mi Girl for some of the tastiest Bao Buns around!

Once you and your BFF grow slightly tired of walking and burning calories, stop by Planet Coffee to cozy up with your daily dose of energy (aka caffeine aka LIFE) and a scrumptious treat, always baked in-house with fresh, local ingredients.

7. Celebrate March Break with a Bottomless-Mimosa Brunch

Sure, education is important, and school can be a lot of fun. But sometimes, we all need to kick back with our best friends and celebrate the fact that we're taking a break from all the learning. Preferably with an endless supply of mimosas. 

And thanks to Ottawa's Vanitea Room, bottomless mimosas and celebratory BFF brunches are a totally reachable goal! Not only does this spot specialize in tasty brunch dishes and morning cocktails, but they're also a tea house. So you can nosh on finger foods and sip piping hot tea, too!

8. Give Thanks to the Liquid Getting You Through the Semester at Ottawa's First-Ever Coffee Festival

While we're no doubt an energetic bunch, everyone needs a boost every once in a while; which is exactly why coffee is so key, so essential, to the life of every student. Nay, every functioning human.

And no one seems to be more aware of that than the good people at the Ottawa Coffee Fest. Going down March 23 (prime March break time!) at the Horticulture Building, the Ottawa Coffee Fest aims to celebrate the capital's coffee culture. Look out for coffee tastings, food, workshops, and just a general buzz of excitement in the air. 

9. Catch the Views at Parliament Hill

Let's all take a step back for a minute and remember that Ottawa's got one of the most important buildings in the whole, entire country: Parliament. We've got something completely amazing smack-dab in our vicinity, and we should all make some time to appreciate it.

Gaze at the colourful,striking sunset and sunrise atop Parliament Hill; stroll through the nearby Ottawa Locks; watch the changing of the guard; catch a stunning, historical, immersive light show powered by Hydro Ottawa during the summertime. Honestly, visiting Parliament is a free and highly effective way to remember that beauty and joy lie in simple, everyday things that we sometimes take for granted: having a warm roof over our heads, a relaxing March break, and a loved one with whom to share our capital's glorious views. Good vibes and the memories we create, people - that's all that really matters at the end of the day.

In a bustling metropolis such as Ottawa, there's really no reason to hibernate all winter when our nation's lively capital offers loads of entertainment. So step outside and get your fun on!

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Brittany Alexandra Silveira
Unit Production Manager