Maybe you're not into road trips. Maybe you'd rather fly, boat, or you just don't enjoy being in a car for a long period of time. Well, this is your lucky day. These ice cream shops are 40 minutes max outside of Ottawa, so it's perfect for everyone!

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No matter what, ice cream is always worth it. Food is always worth it. Especially in the summer, you'll be thanking me for this little hidden gems all around Ottawa. You're welcome! 

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Mari-Jo Sweet Eats // 2026 Laurier St

30 minutes

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Carp Custom Creamery // 3763 Carp Rd

30 minutes

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The Cheddar Shop //  10471 Trans-Canada Hwy

35 minutes

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La Cigale // 14 Chemin Scott

20 minutes

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Cowan's Dairy Bar // 241 Park Street

1 hour

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Dairy Barn // 312 King Street

35 minutes

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Downtowne Ice Cream Shoppe // 165 St Lawrence St

50 minutes

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The Daily Scoop // 500 Ottawa St

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Scoops Ice Cream // 111 Waba Rd

40 minutes