While most people can agree that this country gets pretty cold, Ottawa’s brutal winters are infamous in Canada. In the capital city, we seem to get a ridiculous amount of snow, and it often feels like the cold season can last for half of the year! Whether you’re a snow veteran or a relative newcomer, you’ll probably find these hilarious memes about Ottawa winters painfully relatable.

As most Ottawans know, winter in the capital can get pretty savage. From serious frostbite risks to massive snow storms, the crazy seasonal weather just keeps on coming.

In the last few weeks alone, the city has been forced to issue a number of extreme cold warnings, and locals can just forget about enjoying comfortable temperatures on Family Day this year.

While the season may have been milder than usual so far, it’s still been a pretty ruthless couple of months for locals.

If you’re tired of shovelling your driveway, frustrated with snow-induced LRT delays, and sick to death of slush all over your house, rest assured that you’re not alone.

To cheer us all up during this wet and slippery February, here is a selection of the internet's best memes about Ottawa’s snowy season. They're so painfully accurate, it almost hurts.

Endless Winters

As every local resident knows, Ottawa's winter season begins in October and doesn't end until...May? June, perhaps?

Don't put those snow boots away just yet, guys.

Winter Is Always Coming

Before you arrive in Ottawa, people will tell you about Parliament Hill, about delicious BeaverTails, and about the wonderful Rideau Canal Skateway.

Nobody tells you about the snow.

Five Seasons

from ottawa

When March rolls around, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the freezing weather might be over soon.

Alas, in Ottawa, March is simply the beginning of second-winter.

At Least You Tried

Sometimes, you just can't win. At least you tried.

The Forbidden Question

We don't say the "S" word until April is over.

Don't even think about it.

Dig Out Your Drive VS Push The Bus Home

Even if you push your OC Transpo bus the whole way to work, you'll probably still get there quicker than if you took the new LRT!

Snow Worries!

It's got to get this bad before you can even think about trying to get a snow day.

The Season Ends In May (If You're Lucky)

Just when you think it's all over — BAM! Mid-March blizzard.

Good Old Ottawa

You can just forget about ever making any weather-dependent plans, but we still love you, Ottawa!

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