Because who said the best meal of the day only has to be eaten in the morning?

McDonald's (thank god and finally) announced that they'll be serving all-day breakfast in Canada. This means no more rushing out of bed before 10:30am for an Egg McMuffin. But, let's be real: McDick's is pretty late to the game. There's already so many restaurants in Ottawa that have been serving all-day breakfast for a long time. Oh, and they're pretty damn good, too.

Here's 9 Ottawa restaurants that have been serving all-day breakfast long before the world's biggest fast food chain:

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1. Perkins // 1130 St. Laurent Blvd.

Not only is breakfast served all day; their fluffy blueberry pancakes and heavenly fried chicken on golden biscuits are being served in Ottawa 24/7.

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2. The Wellington Diner // 1385 Wellington St. West

The Wellington Diner's all-day breakfast menu is a crown jewel, offering everything from the traditional breakfast to a long, long list of styles of eggs benedict to choose from.

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3. Wilf and Ada's // 510 Bank St.

Without a doubt some of the best homefries in the city, but their eggs benedict are crafted to the highest standard of perfection. Wilf and Ada's is all about quality over quantity. There's only about three options for eggs benedict, but they're all you'll ever really need. Personal recommendation of the three: The Florentine.


4. The King Eddy // 45 Clarence St.

Chicken. And. Waffles. It's their speciality, but let's not forget that The King Eddy's all-day breakfast includes their famous burger that is made specifically for those "late" mornings: The Cure Burger.

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5. Bigg's Deli & Bar // 1099 St. Laurent Blvd.

There's some blurred lines as to whether or not their apple cinnamon pancakes are breakfast are dessert, but they're just so right in so many ways.

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6. Eddy's Diner // 777 Bank St.

Eddy's takes pride in the inarguable fact that breakfast is the best meal of the day. You could always just stick with the regular eggs and bacon, but the french toast is the real deal here.


7. Elgin Street Diner // 374 Elgin St.

Arguably the most famous all-day breakfast restaurant in the city, the Elgin Street Diner reminds us that combining poutine and breakfast is not a sin.

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8. Al's Diner // 834 Clyde Avenue

Al's is the classic, simple diner that serves a huge range of different omelettes like, my personal favourite, the Mediterranean: black olives, tomatoes and, naturally, lots of feta.

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9. Zak's Diner // 14 ByWard Market Square

Of course we weren't going to forget Zak's.

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