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9 Places To Celebrate Your Birthday In Ottawa If You’re Not A Partier

Just because you're not a partier doesn't mean you shouldn't celebrate your birthday! I know you what you're thinking–if I don't want to go to a bar or a club, what on earth is left to do? I get you, I feel you. But from some trial and error you find things that are just as fun or even more fun than getting wasted at a dirty bar that every one of your friends secretly hates. So this year, try something different and you won't be disappointed. A birthday is a reason to celebrate your life and how far you've come, so get off the couch with your Ben & Jerry's and celebrate YOUR day! I've come up with 9 places to celebrate your birthday in Ottawa if you're not a partier, and even if your friends are, most of these places accommodate both!

1. VIP Karaoke Bar // 610 Somerset Street West

If you've had a karaoke night then you can't deny that nothing is more fun. Being around the people you love and singing your hearts out just does something to you, and in the best way possible. At VIP Karaoke Bar, they serve drinks as well as food but if you're not into drinking, then you can make it a sober evening. But either way, you have to give your best Whitney Houston impression. There's no way around it.

2. Fairmont Chateau Laurier // 1 Rideau Street

Feeling fancy AF for your birthday? High tea won't disappoint you. You can't get much classier than having your birthday at the Chateau Laurier, but when you include tea and desserts, you'll feel like you're in England. It's the perfect place to celebrate your birthday if you're over partying and want something low key but still want to get together with friends. Plus, it makes for an adorable Instagram picture.

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3. House of Targ // 1077 Bank Street

House of Targ would give you a different kind of vibe when celebrating your birthday, but in the coolest way possible. You can drink and play arcade games, eat tons of great food (they have the best perogies), and you can also stick around for a punk-rock show if you're into that short of thing. Release the inner child in you and remember how fun it is to play arcade games, with a glass of wine in your hands.

4. Café Siberian Cat // 205 Chemin Old Chelsea

Sick and tired of hanging out with people on your birthday? Same. Just kidding, but imagine being able to hang out with as many cats as you want with a few friends on your birthday? This sounds like a dream come true for any cat lovers out there. Birthdays don't always have to be extravagant, and they definitely don't have to be spent with every single person in your life. If you like more low key celebrations, you'll love Café Siberian Cat.

5. Brew Donkey // 987 Wellington Street West

Sometimes you're over partying but still like to drink. It makes sense, but how do you celebrate your birthday that way? Easy. Brew Donkey. You get to choose what 3 brewery tours you want to go on, and they do the rest. You can grab a huge bunch of friends and take them along and I think that's a better party than one that goes heavily into the morning. Seeing where the local beer is made here in Ottawa is great, and you get to taste all of it. It's perfect for beer enthusiasts who don't want to admit they're growing up.

6. NeXT // 6400 Hazeldean Road

Ever heard of a brunch board? Me neither. But I have now and it's all I can think about. Maybe you partied too hard the night before your birthday and now you want brunch, or you just want to celebrate your birthday with brunch. Either way, NeXT is the coolest spot to do that at. They have a 'brunch board' which basically consists of 15 different brunch options for two people. This is perfect if you're a foodie because the options are the definition of gourmet. Just when you thought brunch couldn't get any better...

7. BATL Ottawa // 2615 Lancaster Road

What could be better than getting out all your anger on your birthday? Probably nothing. You can bring along up to 24 friends and get into the groove of throwing the axe at the target. Obviously, you get a lot of training before hand but wouldn't it be fun to laugh with all your friends at how bad everyone is?

8. Top Karting // 200 Rue d'Edmonton

If you're a competitive person, Top Karting would make your birthday lit. You can compete with the ones you love most, and also get an awesome experience out of it. There's a bar you can celebrate in after right beside the track, or if some of your friends aren't very adventurous, they can spend their day there while you drive your heart out. Fun for everyone!

9. HI-Ottawa Jail // 75 Nicholas Street

Still love the idea of sleepovers but you think you're too old? Maybe not. HI-Ottawa Jail Hostel is an experience to be had, and one you'll never forget. If you plan far enough in advance, you can have a sleepover with a few friends in this jail hostel. Pretend you're in Orange is the New Black and bunk with friends for the night. You can have dinner out in the ByWard Market, come back and enjoy the free WiFi and breakfast the next morning. Some may say this place is haunted, I say you should do it anyways.

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