The most iconic and celebrated side in the history of greasy farethe french fry, is a cherished delicacy in every Ottawans' heart. Everyone has their own individual go-to place for fries, whether they're the cheap ones at Costco (amazing) or a local chip wagon in a Canadian Tire parking lot. To write a list on the best fries in Ottawa is exhaustive, but these nine places will always surely satisfy your craving for some golden taters:

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The King Eddy // 45 Clarence St.

You never really know what you're getting into when you're ordering loaded fries. The King Eddy changes the toppings on their hand-cut fries daily, but they're irresistibly tempting. In the past, they've had onion rings, bacon and gravy, and even a shawarma loaded fries (how appropriate for the shawarma capital of Canada, eh?). Loaded fries aside, their sweet potato fries are also incredible -- this comes from a guy who typically avoids sweet potatoes.

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Luxe // 47 York St.

Mixing fries and lobster together is never a bad idea. When you drench the thin-cut fries with thick and rich béarnaise sauce to make a poutine, you only make things better. Lobster poutine is enough a rare find in Ottawa (lest it's Poutine Fest), but Luxe serves it year round.

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Mill St. Brewery // 555 Wellington St.

Napoleon, gimme some of your tots. Tater tots are far and few in Ottawa, but Mill Street delicately crips them up in a golden fashion. You'll be stuffing them in your jeans on the way out to munch on later.

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S & G Fries and Burgers // 1845 Carling Ave.

An unpretentious little chip shack on the side of Carling that excels in their thick-cut, fresh french fries.

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Clocktower Brew Pub // Various Locations

Indulge in Clocktower's Korean-style fries that are topped wonderfully with Korean pulled pork, spicy pickled cabbage (kimchi), sriracha and samba mayo. Korean cuisine, whether it's a typical plate of fried chicken and beer or bibimbap, is slowly making a more firm presence in Ottawa, and these kimchi fries are a more than welcome addition to our list.

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Wes' Chips // 198 Madawaska Blvd.

One of the oldest, longer-standing chip wagons in the city (they've been serving Ottawa since 1960), Wes' adorable white shack in Arnprior is often cited as one of the best fries in the city. In itself, Wes' is an icon -- some could even go as far to call it a tourist destination. They're greasy, golden, simple and a terrific value. Their large bag goes for $5.50 and is very shareable.


Elgin Street Diner // 374 Elgin St.

Elgin Street's unique and thick mushroom gravy is some of the best in Ottawa, but on stand-alone terms, their hand-cut fries are deliciously fried to perfection with a soft but firm texture. Their poutines come with a wide-range of toppings, from smoked meat to merciless piles of Philly steak, but I like them on their own with just the standard gravy. The chili fries are worth a try, though.

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Fritomania // 2442 St. Joseph Blvd.

Greasy in the guiltiest terms, salted finely and browned bag in tradition, Fritomania's fries are an Orleans tradition that are celebrated city-wide.

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Burgers n' Fries Forever // Various Locations

When it comes to fancy fries, Burgers 'n Fries takes it to an unprecedented level. Their baked potato fries, with the bacon bits, cheese, diced green onions, are probably their best take on the loaded fries, but their elegant fries with parmesan are special, and they'll make you feel fancy.