The churro: Or, as some might call it, the Spanish donut. It's a delight for the senses; a true fiesta of cinnamon and sugar in your mouth.

Nobody really knows exactly where churros came from, but wherever or whoever made them deserves sainthood. Churros are a blessed gift that tempt you from the very first gaze you have on their long, golden brown sugar coated bodies.

We gathered a list of 9 places in Ottawa where you can nibble on these delectable desserts:

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1. El Camino // 380 Elgin St.

They're the classic, sugar-dusted churros, served with a rich side of salted caramel to dip their tender texture. There's nothing like finishing off El Camino's cheap tacos with some even more affordable churros. They're six dollars on the dessert menu and well worth waiting for.

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2. Mr. Churritos

You can find updates on where their food truck is currently located in the city on their website, or you can still order their delicious churros here.

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3. Taqueria Kukulkan // 1730 Montreal Rd.

An east end city favourite served in a restaurant proudly self-dubbed "The only authentic Mexican cuisine in Ottawa." Don't let the pretty display of sugary and cinnamon churros deceive you. They're just as tasty as they look -- even tastier with some thick cajeta (caramel) on top. You can find them on the dessert menu for five dollars.

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4. Local Public Eatery // 825 Exhibition Way #107

So big that there's hardly a dish that can fit them, Local's churros are a dessert and summer patio staple. Enjoy dipping them in their delectable side of hazelnut cocoa with plenty of roasted marshmallows inside. You can enjoy these bad boys for six dollars.

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5. Ola Cocina // 62 Barrette St.

Now, you can eat churros the ordinary way, or have a churros ice cream sandwich at Ola Cocina. We're gonna go with the latter, served with some smooth vanilla ice cream, Argentinian dulche de leche and raspberry coulis. You can have their ice cream sandwich for nine dollars or just a plate of four of their regular churros for seven dollars.

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7. Burrito Borracho // 105A Clarence St.

You can enjoy a pair of their crunchy-on-the-outside but tender-on-the-inside churros with not only caramel, but Nutella too. Two of these churros go for six dollars on their dessert menu.

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8. La Cocina Loca // 1079 Wellington West

If I were you, I'd come to this Hintonburg gem on Taco Tuesday (two dollar beef chicken and veggie tacos), and then top it all off with their ever so sugary churros.

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9. Ace Mercado // 121 Clarence St.

Brace yourself for this one: Churro tacos. Ace Mercado's got them. I don't know who's the genius who combined two of our favourite things into one dish, but they did it. As you can imagine, it's a churro dough tortilla and they fill it with vanilla. You can find it for eight dollars on the menu.

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