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9 Secret Places To Take Your Girlfriend To In Ontario This Fall

Do something different besides Netflix and chill.

Taking alone time for you and your significant other is one of the most important parts of a relationship. While that can just be hanging out and enjoying each others company, sometimes you need to explore to create memories and to really bond. 

Fall is definitely the most romantic season. While the holidays are romantic too, they only last for 25 days. Fall is prime to go on dates where the weather is perfect, you can keep each other warm at night and the dates are cute AF. Apple picking? Hiking without sweating your face off? Sign me up. So here are 9 secret places to take your girlfriend in Ontario this fall!

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Ouimet Canyon

Thunder Bay

Ouimet Canyon is a stunning canyon that gives a panoramic view of cliffs, all the way down to the ground. You can walk across the boardwalk to get the most amazing views of the canyon, and if you're scared, that's why your bae is there with you. With the leaves changing colours, it's bound to be a great fall date.

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Moccasin Trail Park 


Moccasin Trail Park is a trail in Toronto that will make you feel nowhere near the city. As you and your SO stroll through this trail, you'll come to a rainbow tunnel that just brightens up the entire trail. If you're looking for a more lowkey date, this is definitely it. With the changing leaves and the rainbow tunnel, there is no way you can not leave feeling super happy.

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Ste. Anne's Spa 


This all-inclusive spa resort is perfect if both of you want to get away and relax in the middle of nowhere. It's Canada's largest destination spa, and they have so much to offer from day spa packages, to overnight packages, to a freaking bakery on site. Not only are the views gorgeous, but they have pools that you can relax in all day. Oh, did I mention it's okay to wear your robe the entire day, even to dinner? Yes please.

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St. Raphael's Ruins

South Glengarry

This abandoned ruin used to be a beautiful church, and now it's left for us to explore. It was built between 1815 and 1821, and unfortunately a huge fire in 1970 took out all but a few stone walls. If you and your bae are into history, this is the place for you. It's completely free to visit, and it's doubtful that you'll ever see something like it again.

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Johnston’s Cranberry Marsh


Located in Muskoka Lakes, this cranberry marsh is unlike anything you've seen before. Who needs pumpkin patches during fall when you have cranberry marshes?! Through October, you can pay $10 to put on some smocks, and swim in a sea of cranberries which is called The Cranberry Plunge. Drop-ins are available from 10 to 4 pm on weekends, and you need a reservation during the week.

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Aquatopia Conservatory 


Aquatopia Conservatory is one of Ottawa's hidden gems. It's an indoor water garden that's also a cafe, and you can shop for plants, flowers, and fish while you're there. Uhm, seems like the perfect date to me. The cafe is open Tuesday to Saturday from 9 am to 2:30 pm, and they have a ton of options for breakfast and lunch. If you're both plant people, this is a great place to go for a cute little date. And plus, who doesn't like coffee?

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Martello Alley 


If you and your SO are art lovers, you'll love this hidden alley in Kingston. It's also not as weird/creepy as it sounds. This alley is inspired by La Rue du Tresor in Quebec and showcases local artists work and unique crafts. Kingston has so much life to it, and this just adds to how unique the city is. This stone alley is beautiful in and of itself, but with all the unique paintings and crafts, it's breathtaking.

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Eagles Nest Lookout


While there are a ton of hiking spots around Ottawa, most of them are in Gatineau. Eagles Nest Lookout can definitely give some of those hikes a run for their money. If your gf loves to be outside and hike, this is the perfect spot for a date. Located in Calabogie, Eagles Nest Trail leads you all the way up to Eagles Nest Lookout, which is about a 4 mile hike there and back. The cliff at the very end is 120 metres high, so if you're afraid of heights, this is a great way to conquer them! I mean, those views are totally worth it.

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Applewood Farm & Winery


This is an apple picking spot as well as a winery. Need I say more? Over 13 wines are made on the premises, and they even have delicious ciders if you're that person during fall. This is the perfect date, and both you and your bae will love it. Oh, and they also have corn mazes, a petting zoo, and wagon rides. Sign me up!