Lately, I've been trying to lower my caffeine intake. Crazy, right? I know. If you're like me and you're a full time student with a job or extra curriculars trying to maintain a social life and keeping an active lifestyle, you know the only thing that can make up for you not sleeping is you drinking your weight in coffee.

If tea is something you're trying to get into, you're lucky to live in Ottawa. We have so many different types of team rooms across the city, from fancy high-tea styles, to casual/on-the-go spots, to wholesale take home tea stores - all great substitutes for your coffee.

Yes I know it's not the same. I'm trying.

Here are 9 tea rooms in Ottawa, perfect to get your relaxation on.


1. The Vanitea Room // 551 Somerset West


The Vanitea Room on Somerset West offers different types of brunches and teas, including the traditional Afternoon and Breakfast teas and an all day dessert menu - which includes champagne floats. Their space gives off an elegant and chic vibe, giving you that classic teatime experience.

2. Nectar Fine Teas // 1250 Wellington Street West


Nectar Fine Teas, located in the Fisher Park area, is one of Ottawa's more cost effective options for a full tearoom experience. It's ambience is quiet and cozy, with lots of natural lighting (just for your Instagram, obviously) and it's a great place to go to with friends if you're looking for some catch-up time.

3. World of Tea // 220 Bank Street


World of Tea in Centretown Ottawa brings international flavours right to your fingertips. Aside from their extensive variety of Chinese and Taiwanese teas which you can purchase and take home, they also have tea tastings specifically designed for beginners looking to learn more about tea itself, as well as a traditional tea room experience. A definite must-visit for any tea beginner in Ottawa.

4. Tea Store // 53 York Street


Tea Store in the Byward Market is a great place to stop by for a quick break to grab some tea and an afternoon snack. Their teas are relatively inexpensive, and their convenient location makes it an easy option to visit with friends if you're in the downtown area. A pot of tea is only $5 here - so even if you go with one friend, that's $2.50 each. Organic, whole tea that's cheaper than Starbucks? Yes please.

5. Cha Yi Coffee & Tea // 61 Eddy Street


For those of you who live in Hull, Cha Yi has a great selection of both coffee and teas - they have over 200 loose teas and herbal teas in bulk, which they sell along with their range of tea related accessories. They also offer workshops aside from their in-house tastings.

6. Fleur Tea House // 287 Somerset Street


Probably the most Instagram-worthy on the list, Fleur Tea House is the adorable tea house from your favourite rom-com, except it's here in downtown Ottawa. Aside from their cute interior and vast drink menu, they also offer healthy prepared foods, coffees, and host nightly events such as Blues dance classes.

7. Zoe's Lounge, Chateau Laurier // 1 Rideau Street


If you're in the mood to splurge, where else other than the Chateau Laurier? Zoe's Lounge, located inside the Chateau, is Ottawa's premiere fancy high-tea experience. Named after named after Sir Wilfrid Laurier's wife Zoé, the lounge is designed to reflect her style and charm - the interior is laced with elegant decor, sparkling chandeliers, and a glass adorned atrium. Remember to make reservations before your visit.

8. The Tea Party Cafe, 119 York Street


The Tea Party Cafe is another option for those looking to get into afternoon tea-room experiences that are budget friendly. Their Alice afternoon tea, only $15/person, is a great place to start if you're not just ready for Zoe's at the Chateau yet, but still looking for a picture-perfect cafe to hang out with your friends.

9. My Sweet Tea, 824 Somerset Street West

If you've never tried a warm bubble tea, this is me telling you to get your life together. I know bubble tea is mostly considered a summer drink, but drinks at My Sweet Tea like hot Roasted Oolong with tapioca (okay yeah I'm advertising my favourite) are perfect for the colder fall weather. They have two locations in Ottawa open till 11:30 PM, making it super accessible for your next late night out.

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