9 Unique Places To Go On A Date On Valentine’s Day In Ottawa

Impress your bae.
9 Unique Places To Go On A Date On Valentine’s Day In Ottawa

Valentine's Day is coming up, and it's time to start stressing about what to do with your significant other. Whether a low maintenance couple or a couple that is adventurous AF, you still deserve to treat yourselves.

Valentine's Day is the one day a year where the day revolves around love. Even though you should show your SO love every single day, this day makes you realize how special that person actually is to you.

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So why not show them by taking them on a unique date? None of these will break the bank either, so you can enjoy each others company while falling in love all over again!

1. Skate through a 3km winter wonderland in Gatineau Park

This skating trail in the middle of Gatineau Park is a dream. It's 3km long, which is just enough time to hold hands and talk about how much you love each other. Just kidding, but it's super romantic and will definitely be a special Valentine's Day date.

2. Treat your bae to a fancy overnight stay at Andaz ByWard Market

Andaz ByWard Market is one of Ottawa's most luxurious hotels. The rooms give the most amazing view of Downtown Ottawa, and the rooftop bar/restaurant will definitely give you romantic vibes. If you're looking to treat your bae, this is exactly where to go. You don't have to travel far to have a romantic getaway!

3. Laugh your asses off together at Yuk Yuk's Ottawa Comedy Club

If you're a couple that loves laughing together, this is the perfect date. Yuk Yuk's Comedy Club will make sure you leave there with a smile on your face, and it's even better that they're having a Valentine's Day show. This is something every comedy junkie won't want to miss.

4. Get wine drunk together at Ottawa Tasting Tours

There are some couples that don't like to drink at all, and then there are those who love getting drunk together. It's fun to get drunk with the person you're dating because you remember why you fell in love with them. At Ottawa Tasting Tours, you'll be able to get wine drunk without feeling guilty about it! The wine tours are only available on Fridays and Saturdays, so you can do this date as a before or after Valentine's Day date since it falls on a Tuesday this year.

5. Feel like kids again on an old-school date

Sometimes, you just want to forget all the stress in your life and feel like a kid again. I got you. Whether it's a date at an arcade, a record store date or just going to Zak's Diner for a milkshake, you'll feel like you're back in the 90s for sure.

6. Relax in a water treatment spa at Nordik Spa-Nature

There is no better way to relax than to relax with your bae. Even though this water treatment requires no talking or cuddling, it will be great if both of you are stressed but still want to be together. You can relax here and then do something more adventurous afterwards!

7. Cheer on your home team together

Lucky for all the Sens fans, this year they have a home game on Valentine's Day. If you and your bae are hockey fans, this will be a great date for you. Valentine's Day doesn't need to be romantic, it just needs to involve the two of you. Just drink wine instead of beer to make it more romantic!

8. Face your fears together by zip ling through a forest

Just an hour from Ottawa is an amazing zip line that both of you will love. At Arbraska Lefléche, The Snowman's Adventure sounds like the perfect way to spend Valentine's Day. You'll have so much fun out in nature, and actually spending time together doing something unique and fun!

9. Create your baes favourite donut for them at Maverick's Donuts

What better way to spend Valentine's Day than to eat donuts with your SO? At Maverick's Donuts, you can build your own donut, and it would be so much fun to create your baes favourite donut. You can have fun with it, and get a little sweet treat afterwards!

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10. Go for drinks and dinner at the most romantic restaurant in Ottawa

Moonroom is seriously the most romantic restaurant in Ottawa. With the white sheets on the ceiling and the purple lighting, you'll feel like you're in a movie. This may not be the most unique date, but it's romantic AF and sometimes that's all people want. Tucked away in Little Italy, you'll fall in love with your bae all over again here.

11. Go horseback riding on a winter trail at Captiva Farms

Out of all the things you can do, this is definitely the most romantic. Who wouldn't want to go horseback riding with their SO? It makes for such fun and amazing memories, especially if this is your first time going. It's also a very good price, so you'll be able to impress your date without being broke after.

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