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911 Calls That Are So Ridiculous That The Ottawa Police Had To Share Them

Someone called 911 because their child wouldn't go to school.

For many, 911 is a line that is used for emergencies only. However, it looks like some Ottawa residents haven't gotten that memo. The Ottawa Police just revealed some of the most ridiculous 911 calls that they have received and many of them will make you shake your head. 

On Tuesday, the Ottawa Police reminded residents that the New Year is a great time to make changes and that only using 911 for emergencies should be one of those goals.  

When calling for non-emergencies, it holds up the line and may delay the response time for someone who is dealing with an actual emergency.

For non-emergency requests, it's always important to contact your local police service. 

Not sure of what an actual emergency is? Ottawa Police revealed some of the most ridiculous 911 calls that they have received, and some of them are pretty out there. 

Amber Alerts made the list of crazy phone calls that the police service has received. Over the past year, 911 lines have been clogged with people who were complaining about the loud alert waking them up in the middle of the night. 

However, that's only the beginning. Ottawa Police revealed that one user even called 911 to see if their new cell phone worked for outgoing calls. 

It seems that some residents were even using the line to inquire about their own food delivery. 

Ottawa Police revealed that a caller contacted them to ask about an estimated time of arrival for their food delivery since the driver was delayed at a traffic stop. 

Another was using the hotline because they couldn't get their eight-year-old child to go to school. 

Some other incidents included asking how to apply for a job to be a police officer, confirming Ottawa just experienced an earthquake, and asking for the non-emergency phone number for police services. 

Also making the list was reporting minor collisions, asking about road closures and when power would be restored in the caller's home. 

However, these aren't the only absurd phone calls that the Ontario police have had to deal with. 

Peel Regional Police released a phone call back in September when a resident used the emergency line to complain that he got tomatoes on his chicken sandwich

Finally, another resident called 911 in July to complain that an ice cream truck had stopped outside their house. 

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