Ottawa is a beautiful place with so much to offer, especially in the winter. Every now and again, though, you just need to get out of the city and disconnect from it all. So, if this snowy weather has you daydreaming about secluded cabins and magical camping trips, we may have found the perfect spot for you. With this charming cabin near Ottawa, you can go completely off-the-grid just 15 minutes from the downtown core. 

That’s right, this winter wonderland is only a quick drive and a short hike away from the city, but you’d seriously never be able to tell. 

Actually located just across the provincial border in Cantley, Quebec, this looks like the kind of fairytale setting you'd drive hours and hours to reach.

Nestled into an enchanting little forest alongside the Gatineau River, you can sit by the fireplace and soak in the quiet sounds of nature. 

Without running water or wi-fi, you can forget about your worries for a while.

If you’re feeling adventurous, snowshoes and skis are provided so you can go out and explore.

You can sleep two people comfortably inside this tiny cabin, and at a rate of $118, that’s less than $60 per person.

So, whether it’s a last-minute romantic getaway or a chance to disconnect from your social media for a hot minute, this is the spot to do it.

With huge windows and the gorgeous river just outside, you can enjoy some seriously breathtaking winter views here.

The cabin is heated with an efficient fireplace and features an outhouse with a compostable toilet. How's that for being away from the modern world?

There is solar-powered electricity, so you can charge up your devices and watch a movie if you’d like. Though, keep in mind, without an internet connection, you won’t be able to stream anything.

And, in this setting, why would you want to?

If the weather isn’t too crazy, you could always take your cozy fire to the pit outside for some real winter magic. 

In the kitchenette, you’ll find a few utensils and cooking essentials but you will, of course, have to bring your own groceries.

The listing mentions that amenities are only a short drive away, which isn't surprising given the close proximity to Ottawa.

There’s even a small stovetop for cooking if you don’t want to roast everything on the fire.

Fairytale getaways don't get much better than this, particularly when you only have to drive 15 minutes to get there!

Cabin on the Bay

Price Per Night: $118

Address Or Neighbourhood: Cantley, QC

Why You Need To Go: You can go totally off-the-grid without having to drive for hours outside of the city.