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You Can Live In Your Own Oasis At This Enchanting Log Cabin Near Ottawa

Throwin' back to a simpler time!

If never being able to escape the constant hum of a city that never sleeps sounds like your worst nightmare, then we’ve found the perfect place for you. You can live totally off-the-grid at this charming home for sale near Ottawa. With rustic log cabin vibes and 88 acres' worth of privacy, this place will totally transport you back to those simpler times. 

While the exterior of the house might not be much to look at by modern standards, the interior definitely has that rugged-pioneer-meets-modern-chic vibe and we are totally here for it.

According to the listing, the land features two houses, a bunkhouse, a barn, a workshop and a horse enclosure. It's unclear whether two horses pictured on the site are included.

So, if starting a small hobby farm is something you’re interested in, this spot is perfect. 

A small river runs through the land and there’s even a super cute bridge for you to cross over the water. 

Basically, you’ll never need to travel to go hiking ever again. 

Both log houses have been upgraded to incorporate modern necessities without compromising that rustic feeling.

There’s also tons of opportunity for even more upgrades and styling for those with a flair for interior design.

Inside of the main house, you will find two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a large screened porch that’s perfect for spending summer nights outside.

The smaller log house has another bedroom and an additional bathroom, as well.

It all sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? Well, it gets better.

Not only could you escape the hustle and bustle of the city, but you could also escape those outrageous city housing prices.

Located roughly two hours from Ottawa in Pembroke, Ontario, this huge property will only cost you $649,000. Not too shabby.

The home is actually pretty close to Algonquin Park, as well, which only adds to its allure.

So, while you could spend forever just adventuring through your own giant yard, there’s ample opportunity for activities like skiing, snowshoeing, whitewater rafting, and more not too far away.

Sounds like dreamland to us! 

Enchanting And Tranquil Rural Setting

Price: $649,000

Address: Pembroke, ON

Description: A rustic home with all the right modern touches that offers a perfectly private 88-acre land for you to explore. 

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