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A New Restaurant Just Opened In Ottawa That Sells Insane Asian Tacos

Tacos + Asian food = perfection.

I'm not sure about you, but I'm indecisive AF. There is nothing harder to me than trying to figure out what I want to eat, especially when there are a few great options. So places that have everything, or places that combine your favourite dishes are everything. In this case, it's the ladder. 

While Ottawa isn't shy of great food combinations, from macaron milkshakes, to bubble waffle ice cream, to grilled cheese poutine, when you find a great place that sells everything you've ever wanted, you hold onto that. Asian tacos aren't something you see everywhere, but if you've ever had them, you know they're the real deal. So when a delicious food truck opened up a restaurant in Ottawa, you know it's amazing. 

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Sula Wok is a mobile food truck here in Ottawa that decided to open restaurant as well. Since their business was booming and they wanted to provide their delicious food all year round, they opened up a take out/dine in restaurant in Old Ottawa East. While the truck and the restaurant have different menus, you can build your own Asian taco at both!

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Sula Wok offers a variety of options for their Asian tacos. They give you five steps to creating your taco, from the shell to the sauce. You can choose between a flour, corn, or lettuce wrap and for the protein, they have curry beef, chilled spicy chicken, five spiced tofu and sweet and sour pork. Then you choose your "greens", which can be anything from mango kale to kimchi. The sauces are what make the tacos, and they have options such as cucumber mint, spicy thai peanut, mild sesame peanut and spicy chili oli. And then you get to choose any nuts and seeds you want. How good does all of that sound?!

And for all of you who don't like tacos, they do have other delicious options to choose from. While their mobile food truck only has options for Asian tacos and "momos", which are dumplings, their restaurant has a lot more to offer. They offer dishes like vermicelli, bao tacos, wontons, and rice bowls that are to die for. Those are just a few of the options they have at their take out/dine in restaurant!

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If you love Asian food and you love tacos, then you need to try this place out. And if you've never tried Asian tacos, I promise they're life changing. Sula Wok restaurant is located at 184 Main Street, and the mobile food truck changes location all the time. For more information on hours, location, and menu, visit their website here

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