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An A to Z Guide On What To Do This Winter In Ottawa

Pick a letter and go!

'There is nothing to do here' is the classic phrase you'll hear in Ottawa during the winter. While that's 100% not true, it can definitely feel like that when it's -30 outside and you don't want to leave your house even to get into a warm car.

However, there are some days in the winter that make you want to be outside. When it's only -10 outside, when it's sprinkling snow, you know what I mean. There are a ton of places inside and outside in Ottawa that make winter less miserable and I have come up with the perfect guide so you don't feel bored the entire winter. Cause, you know, it's a long ass season.

There is a lot more to do than skate on the Rideau Canal in the winter, especially since we have no idea when it will be ready. So if you're getting antsy waiting for summer, here is an A to Z guide on what to do in the winter in Ottawa. Enjoy!

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A - Art Gallery // National Gallery of Canada

380 Sussex Dr

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B - Burgers // Burgers n' Fries Forever

Multiple locations

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C - Camping // Four Season Tents

Gatineau Park

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D - Dinner // Sutherland Restaurant, Bar and Coffee House

224 Beechwood Avenue

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E - Exercise // Wheelhouse Cycle

279 Wellington St W

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F - Fried Chicken // The Fry

Multiple Locations

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G - Golf // Putting Edge

5 Roydon Pl #1

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H - Happy Hour // The Standard Luxury Tavern

60 Elgin St

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I - Ice Skating // All around Ottawa!

Multiple Locations

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J - Jail // HI Ottawa Jail Hostel

75 Nicholas St

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K - Karaoke // VIP Karaoke Bar Inc

610 Somerset St W

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L - Latte // Quitters Coffee

1523 Main Street South

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M - Movies // Cineplex Cinemas Lansdowne VIP

325 Marché Way #107

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N - Nature Walk // Mer Bleue Conservation Area

Ridge Rd

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O - Ottawa Senators // Canadian Tire Centre

1000 Palladium Dr

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P - Parliament Hill // Canada 150 Skating Rink

Wellington St

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Q - Quelque Chose Pâtisserie // Macarons, and more!

Multiple locations

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R - Road Trip // Old Québec

4 and a half hours from Ottawa

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S - Spa // Nordik Spa-Nature

16 Chemin Nordik

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T - Tacos // El Camino

Multiple locations

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U - Upscale Restaurant // Copper Spirits and Sights

325 Dalhousie St

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V - Vineyard // Vineyards Wine Bar Bistro

54 York St

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W - Westboro Village // Shopping, cafes and so much more!

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X - Xbox // Level One Game Pub

14 Waller St

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Y - Yoga // Pure Yoga Ottawa

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Z - Zoo // Little Ray's Reptile Zoo

5305 Bank St