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An Adorable Cat Cafe Is Opening Up This Week In Ottawa


No, really, it seems like we've been waiting so long for a cat cafe to open in Ottawa. Yes, we have an amazing one in Gatineau. But closer to home, closer to the heart. Or something cheesy like that. 

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Feline Café is opening up this week on Wednesday, May 10th. The cafe helps improve lives of the rescue cats, while serving the community with a relaxing space to hang out. Their menu is completely vegan, their food is all local and it's basically free cat therapy. I mean, is there anything better?!

via @felinecafe

'Purr-therapy' as they like to call it is known for helping anxiety and stress. Especially if your stress is how badly you want a cat, but can't bring one home (literally me). 

With this cafe opening this week, just in time for summer, they're also planning on doing events such as movie nights (cuddling with cats? yes please), cat-yoga, and private events. 

via @felinecafe

They're open from Wednesday - Friday 8 to 5, Saturday 8 to 8 and Sunday 8 to 5. If you can't find me, you now know where I am. 

Feline Café is located at 1076 Wellington St W and for more information and updates, you can follow them on Facebook

via @felinecafe

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