Three nights fully dedicated to Asian food? Yes, please. This Asian themed night market will give you life if you love Asian cuisine. If you've never been to Asia this night market will give you a taste of what night markets are like. As soon as the sun goes down the night market comes to life. 

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Ottawa Asian Food Festival is Chinatown's biggest event ever. It's the perfect place to go to get a taste of traditional Asian dishes. Ottawa Asian Food Festival is an amazing cultural experience if you're too broke AF to travel.

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With over 20 vendors this night market is sure to fill you up with amazing foods. If you're looking for an opportunity to try some exotic Asian cuisine, this night market is screaming your name. 

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Chinatown's Royal Arch will be the stunning backdrop of this unique night market. Vendors from across Ontario will be serving their best foods all night long. Some foods include Hong Kong Bubble Waffles, Twisted Potato Chips, Squid on a Stick and Chatime Bubble Tea!

Ottawa Asian Food Festival will also include a Beer Garden and have special Karaoke nights. There will be performances from special guests including China Doll, Ann Chau, JRabbit, and Jane Lu. 

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Ottawa Asian Food Festival is from July 28th - July 30th. The hours are:

  • Friday, July 28th - 6 pm to midnight

  • Saturday, July 29th - 12 pm to midnight

  • Sunday, July 30th - 12 pm to 8pm 

The night market is on Somerset between Bronson and Arthur. 

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