An Insane Treasure Hunt Is Coming To Ottawa That You Can’t Miss

Hunting for something hidden using clues and notes is so much fun. Honestly, when we were kids there was nothing more fun than having a scavenger hunt searching for something in the backyard. Whether you're using specific clues or finding the X that marks the spot, treasure hunts always get your adrenaline up. 

This event coming to Ottawa will actually lets you dig up a treasure chest! It's time to unleash your inner child and take part in this epic event. If you're someone that kills it at scavenger hunts or escape rooms, then you have to try tackling this adventurous treasure hunt.

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Adventure Hunt will make you feel like you're in an epic Amazing Race trying to find the treasure. You set off with teams of 2 to 4 people on an exhilarating, adrenaline-packed ride you will never forget. While on this hunt you will complete adventurous challenges that unlock a real-life treasure map! From there you’ll put your mind to the test as you solve clues guiding you to the buried treasure! 

This is seriously a once in a lifetime experience that can't me missed. As you race against many other teams you will encounter many fun challenges and obstacles. The first team to find the treasure chest and dig it up wins an epic prize worth over $8,000! And you don't need to come in 1st to win a prize, you can also win something from 2nd to 10th place!

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The grand prize is a trip to Red Frog Beach Island Resort in Bocas del Toro, Panama! The entire team wins this trip making for the perfect celebration. From beautiful beaches to private luxury villas to stunning infinity pools this treasure is worth finding! While on the trip you can zip-line, scuba dive, snorkel, and surf (for free)! All of that FREE for the winning team in each city! 

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The hunt will be on August 4th and will start at 9am local time. A suggested starting point will be provided just before Hunt day, but you can start from home or wherever you want! You'll search throughout Ottawa for the unreal buried treasure. 

To register for the epic event sign your team up on Adventure Hunt's website hereThen download the Adventure Hunt app where you will complete fun and adventurous challenges to unlock the treasure map. Then all you need to do is solve clues that will guide you to the buried treasure!

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