What do you want for Christmas more than anything else? A new phone? A trip to Thailand? New clothes? What about time spent with your family? What if you actually got it? If you follow one particular Ontario grocery store on Facebook, you may have!

Food Basics has been taking to social media to play Santa Clause for Ontarians all over the province. As we all know, the holiday season is where we often need to stretch a dollar to go further. Back in November, the grocery store stealthily asked its customers via Facebook what they're wishing for this Christmas, not indicating anywhere that a few lucky winners would be surprised with the gift they were hoping for.

Amongst the calls for puppies, deep freezers and Melona Ice Cream Bars, one Ottawa resident wanted something simple: A good, wholesome meal to share with her Ukrainian relatives on Christmas day.

Commenting on Food Basics' post, Jen Piche said that this holiday season she wished for: "A photographer to take family photos as this will be [her] Nana's last Christmas," and "supper supplies so [she] can have more time with family."

And unbeknownst to her when she walked into her local Food Basics one day, she got it.

Strolling her grocery cart through the Frozen Fruit section, Jen was surprised by two "little holiday helpers" and a local Food Basics employee, who promptly told Jen that they were making her holiday wishes come true. 

Via Food Basics

This Christmas, Jen will enjoy a Ukrainian Christmas dinner, catered with fresh food from Food Basics and prepared by a local Ottawa chef, allowing her time to celebrate with her tight-knit family. And judging from her tears of joy, we're guessing that she was very, very happy.

But Jen wasn't the only Ontarian to have her holiday wish granted. Food Basics' fulfilled Christmas wishes' in two other cities. In Waterloo, Jenn Beckett won a trip to Great Wolf Lodge for her family and in Kingston, Angela Jean won a trip to PEI to see her family for the holidays. 

Via Food Basics

Christmas definitely came early for some this year! Keep an eye on Food Basics Facebook page for more tear-jerking stories like Jen's.

Visit your local Food Basics where you can Always Get More For Less - especially during the holidays. And check them out on Facebook for more information!