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An Ottawa Police Officer Scaled A Building To Help An Unconscious Woman

Spiderman? Not quite. Instead, it was actually an Ottawa police officer who made a courageous effort to save an unconscious woman on a rooftop. After receiving the emergency call on Saturday, April 4, Sgt. Jason Riopel grappled the rooftop and managed to reach the woman and got her to safety.

The whole ordeal was caught on video and shared onto Ottawa Police's social media page.

According to the Ottawa Police Services' news release, Sgt. Riopel had been patrolling the downtown streets in the capital.

He took a call about a woman on a rooftop because her neighbours were scared she had died.

The caller, who saw the woman from his balcony, requested urgent help.

Ottawa Police then found out that the woman was, in fact, unconscious and had passed out overnight on a flat section of roof.

In a video shared onto the OPS social media accounts, Sgt. Riopel can be seen bravely scaling an adjacent steep rooftop as he calls down to the woman, who quickly sits up.

The fleet-footed officer then scooted down onto the flat roof to help the woman.

According to the OPS, both Sgt. Riopel and Ottawa Fire Services made sure she was safely helped down off the roof and regained her consciousness. 

But as for how she got there in the first place before passing out? That has not been disclosed by police, meaning your guess is as good as ours right now.

Either way, we're glad the woman is safe, and the incident being caught on video makes for some kind of action-movie scene.

This has not been the only time in the past few days that Ottawa Police had to deal with odd situations and face health concerns, though.

A 24-year-old woman in Ottawa was arrested after coughing and spitting on police, claiming to have COVID-19. She's facing assault charges after the incident.

It shouldn't need saying that during high-tension times such as the last few weeks, jokes about COVID-19 are probably not the wisest idea. 

Meanwhile, just like Toronto, Ottawa Police are already issuing fines for people failing to comply with orders made during a declared emergency.

A man from the capital has been fined $880 for walking his dog alone in Britannia Park.

People in the city are also being busted for hosting events and parties during a time where the province asks us to practice social distancing. 

Narcity has reached out to Ottawa Police Services for further comment.

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