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Another Canadian Man Charged For Luring & Drugging Victims Through Dating Apps

28-year-old Vincent Carrières has now been charged.

A breaking new development was made this Monday in a case involving the disturbing efforts of a group of men who allegedly lured women via dating apps before sexually assaulting them. Gatineau police charged a fourth man, 28-year-old Vincent Carrières in connection to a dating app drugging case in Canada after making an assessment “based on new information”. Carrières is facing charges of sexual assault with a weapon and overcoming resistance by administering a substance.

Gatineau police had initially arrested three men back in February who allegedly date-raped women they lured through dating apps.  Police reported at the time that these men had found their victims through both the Tinder and Bumble apps.

Michel Giroux, 26, Simone Lavoie, 27 and Hasan Demirovic 31, were all charged with sexual assault as well as overcoming resistance to the commission of an offence by the administration of a substance.

Giroux faces 13 new charges, including non-consensual sharing of intimate images. Both Giroux and Carrières names have been at the centre of at least eight formal complaints going to 2018, which according to police are still under investigation, reports the Ottawa Citizen.

Police suspect that the victims were dosed with GHB. GHB is a central nervous system depressant. It is more commonly referred to as a “date rape drug” and is often abused by teenagers and young adults at bars, parties, raves, and clubs.

The victims were reportedly given spiked alcoholic drinks after being convinced to come to Giroux’s place. The victims reported to police that after drinking the beverages handed to them, they would feel extraordinarily intoxicated and even paralyzed. 

It is suspected that further charges may be laid against the men. Police are also asking for any other victims to contact them at 819-243-2345.