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Trudeau's First Official Statement After The Election Was On The Parliament Hill Attack

The Prime Minister is marking the 5th anniversary of the attack.
Trudeau's First Official Statement After The Election Was On The Parliament Hill Attack

Justin Trudeau's first statement after his re-election on October 21 wasn't exactly what was expected. On Tuesday morning, Trudeau put out a statement regarding the anniversary of a gunman opening fire in Ottawa. The attack on Parliament Hill happened five years ago and Trudeau is calling on Canadians to remember the courage and sacrifice. 

On October 22, 2014, a gunman opened fire in Ottawa at the National War Memorial and on Parliament Hill inside the Centre Block, killing one person and injuring others. 

On the five year anniversary of the attack, the newly re-elected Trudeau put out an official statement about what happened that day in Ottawa 

"Five years ago today, a senseless attack at the National War Memorial and Parliament Hill in Ottawa claimed the life of Corporal Nathan Cirillo, a sentry at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and injured several others," said Trudeau. 

Back in 2014, Cirillo was killed at the National War Memorial by an armed gunman who then went to the Centre Block on Parliament Hill where he also opened fire. 

The gunman was killed after coming into the block by the House of Commons Sergeant-at-Arms, Kevin Vickers.

When the gunman opened fire at the National War Memorial, people initially thought it was a training drill but they quickly realized that Cirillo had actually been shot and it was the real thing. 

Since it started out as a typical day on Parliament Hill, Liberal, Conservative and NDP caucus meetings were being held when the shooter entered the Centre Block. MPs barricaded doors and hid under furniture when they realized what was happening. 

According to first-hand accounts of what happened that day, many MPs thought that they were going to be killed. 

The shots MPs heard were from a shootout between the gunman and security, RCMP officers and other law enforcement officers. A report from the OPP stated that the gunman was shot at 56 times by six officers and was hit by 31 bullets.

Two of those shots would have been fatal even if they were the only two shots to hit the gunman. One came from Vickers and the other from an unnamed RCMP officer. 

Along with the deaths of Cirillo and the shooter, three people were injured and taken to the hospital that day. 

The Conservative Party also marked the anniversary by tweeting "this tragic anniversary reminds us that Canada is not immune to the threat of terrorism."

"Today, as we honour the courageous Canadians in uniform who defend our values and freedom at home and around the world, we are reminded of the responsibility we all share to denounce hatred and promote inclusion in our communities," said Trudeau.

One of the top priorities of the Liberal platform for the 2019 election was stronger gun control which included a promise to ban all military-style assault rifles. 

According to the CBC, the gunman used Winchester rifle and "the Winchester Model 94 is perhaps the most common and recognizable deer-hunting rifle in North America."

The Liberals also promised better mental health support for Canadian veterans

In his statement about the anniversary of the attack, Trudeau also thanked bystanders and first responders and said this anniversary reminds us of the responsibility "to denounce hatred and promote inclusion in our communities."

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