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Attention Riverdale Fans: There's An Archie Comic That Takes Place In Ottawa

Jason Blossom's murder has been solved, but there's still one mystery that lingers in the world of Riverdale today: What would the Archie universe look like if it took place in Ottawa? One obscure Archie comic from 1992 may have the answer.

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In Archie: "Operation Ottawa-Hull", Archie, Jughead and Dilton win an all-expense paid trip to Canada's capital after getting an award for one of their school science projects. To spice things up - Archie has to smuggle a microchip in a hockey puck for one of Hyriam Lodge's top clients in Ottawa.

Their journey takes them through the Canadian Museum of History (then known as the Canadian Museum of Civilization), a "chien chaud" shack in Hull (for Jughead), a hockey game and Parliament Hill. They even meet a Mountie.

The story can be found scanned online at Ottawa Ephemera's blog and the links can be found in sections here: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four. It still boggles my mind that this comic even exists (even more than the fact that Archie is brave enough to wear a New York Rangers jersey in Ottawa).

To the dismay of us, Archie unfortunately doesn't eat a BeaverTail and nor do they make Zak's Diner their Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe for the weekend. Nonetheless, if we were needed the definitive "What if Archie and friends came to Ottawa" scenario, this comic does the trick.

Plus, it gives us time to keep us entertained while we wait for season two of Riverdale.

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