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The Backstreet Boys Are In Ottawa Right Now And Fans Can't Contain Themselves

They extended their scheduled performance at Ottawa Bluesfest to two hours!
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The Backstreet Boys Are In Ottawa Right Now And Fans Can't Contain Themselves

It’s lining up to be a pretty perfect evening for anybody attending the RBC Bluesfest in Ottawa this evening. As the ten-day-long festival is drawing to a close, festival-goers this evening will be able to enjoy the pleasant, warm weather and clear skies and, of course, the Backstreet Boys at Ottawa's Bluesfest.

For those people that are heading over to the festival specifically to see the headliners, the Backstreet Boys, there is even more good news! The band have announced that their performance has been bumped up, and they will be taking to the stage to perform a whopping two hour set!

Speaking to 1310 NEWS, the media relations representative for RBC Bluesfest, Joe Reilly, confirmed the change. Reilly said that the band will be taking to the stage at 9:00 PM rather than the scheduled 9:30 PM and will perform a longer, two hour set.

According to Reilly, the scheduling changed after the Backstreet Boys arrived early in Ottawa, and expressed to management and festival organizers that they wanted to extend their set. Naturally, as the headlining act, this permission was granted, and a schedule-shift now means the boys will be able to play the longer show that they’d requested.

On Twitter, fans shared their excitement about the upcoming set, with many sharing memes to express their feelings about the night ahead.

The official RBC Bluesfest Twitter page tweeted early on Sunday morning to confirm the changes in the Sunday line up.

In the post, Bluesfest said, “UPDATED City Stage schedule. All shows will begin 30 minutes earlier and @backstreetboys will be playing a two-hour set! New schedule is as follows:4:30-5:30 @kyleivansays6:00-7:00 @officialwhoisvi7:30-8:00 @FrancescoYates8:00-8:10 Kina Nimiwag9:00-11:00 Backstreet Boys."

While this came as welcome news to many attendees who were heading to the festival to see the headlining act, others were quick to point out that artist Kina Nimiwag now only has a 10-minute long set. 

The boys will take to the main City stage at 9:00 PM this evening, and will perform for two hours. Bluesfest has seen a number of big-stars take to their stages over the past 10 days, including The Killers, Kygo, Logic and Snoop Dog. This year also marks the 25th anniversary of the Bluesfest festival. 

For those unhappy with the set changes, Backstreet Boys fans will probably simply say, well “I want it that way!”

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