Life as a student can be hard... especially when it comes to trying to save money. Once in a while, it's nice to go out and do something with all your friends, but then you all realize you're broke. After the insane prices of tuition and the unreal prices of textbooks, you're stuck wondering how TF can you do anything fun anymore?!

Although maybe not the boujiest of things to do, Ottawa has plenty to do that costs little to no money. I know the tough life of being a student, from not having enough time to meet up to also remembering you're broke AF, things to do kind of diminish until the break in December. These 21 things in this list are perfect if you don't have a ton of spare money.

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Take a "Day Trip To Europe" by visiting the Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica


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Spend your day sipping away at The Dreamland Cafe

Drinks: $2-4, pastas: $9-12

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Treat yourself to a sweet donut from Maverick's Donuts 

Signature donuts: $2.85, build your own: $1.85

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Go see the unreal Mosai Canada 150 horiculture sculptures

Free, closes October 15th 2017

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Immerse yourself in nature at Aquatopia Water Garden Conservatory

Free to visit. $5-15 if you choose to stay at the cafe.

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Indulge in a meal at Warehouse

$5 menu

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Play your favourite childhood games at The Loft Board Game Lounge

$5.50 per person

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Laugh away school stresses at Absolute Comedy

$6-17 each

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Crush your burger cravings at Burgers n' Fries Forever

Under $10 menu

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Enjoy a yummy macaron from Quelque Chose Pâtisserie

$2-3 per macaron

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Walk around the city in search for Ottawa's stunning street art (and get that Insta)


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Try your best to conquer Ottawa's museum bucket list

Free on Thursday's after 5pm

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Head to the Ottawa Locks and watch a beautiful sunset 


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Welcome The World at Lansdowne Park and celebrate a different country every week


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Rally up your BFFs and conquer Ottawa's Hiking Bucket List together


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Embrace the final days of patio season and visit Tavern On The Hill

Drinks: $6 - $12, Gourmet Hot Dogs: $2 - $8

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Take a stroll by the Rideau Canal before it's too cold to even consider "taking strolls" 


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Completely indulge in amazing pizza from Fiazza Fresh Fired 

$7 -12 pizzas

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Try out some amazing vegan treats from Strawberry Blonde Bakery

$2-5 for cupcakes and cookies

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Take a tour of the Parliament Buildings and learn a little more about Ottawa's history (this may even help with some of your classes)


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Unleash your inner child at House of Targ

$5 per person on Sundays after 9 pm all games are set to freeplay