Ottawa is full of great neighbourhoods, but we all have our opinions about them from different experiences. Many of us have never even visited some of these neighbourhoods, but just know them from word of mouth. So whether you grew up in Rockcliffe and went to private school or lived in Orleans and have never been to Bayshore, I'm sure this will resonate with you somehow.

I asked a bunch of different people their opinions on Ottawa's neighbourhoods, and this is the brutal truth I got. So here are 20 brutally honest one sentence descriptions of Ottawa neighbourhoods:

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Je ne sais pas parle en Français.


So you still live with your parents?


Your grandparents probably live here.

The Glebe

You bike, we get it.

South Keys

You never have a reason to go here.


You go here for the mall then leave immediately after.


For your own safety, stay away.

LeBreton Flats

Build something already.

Tunney's Pasture

I just want to get to school.


Is that a house or a palace?


You've definitely met every person from this neighbourhood at Crazy Horse before.


Someone's protesting again.

Alta Vista

You haven't been back here since you were born.


Where all your traffic nightmares come true.

Sandy Hill

Do you regret your cheap student housing yet?


Yes, that's where the Sens play.


The most depressing part of town.

ByWard Market

What does it look like during the day?


Why is it spelt like that?


Extreme Makeover: Neighbourhood Edition.

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