Sometimes, you just want to go to nice dinner without breaking the bank. 

You want to enjoy your dinner and a glass of wine, but not look at the bill and start crying internally. I get it. Nothing pairs better with dinner than wine, but sometimes priorities take over and you can't afford to buy that 20 dollar glass of wine. Life isn't fair sometimes.

But now you don't have to worry about asking for just water at dinner. These 15 Ottawa restaurants allow you to bring your own wine, with a slight corkage fee. And some are even nice enough to have specials where there is no fee at all! So get all dressed up and pretend you're fancy AF with your $5 bottle of wine. No one has to know!

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Absinthe // 1208 Wellington Street

$25 corkage fee

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Beckta Dining & Wine // 150 Elgin Street

$20 corkage fee

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La Dolce Vita // 180 Preston Street

$12 corkage fee

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East India Company // 210 Somerset Street West

$15 corkage fee

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Gezellig // 337 Richmond Road

$15 corkage fee, free on Mondays

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Fraser Cafe // 7 Springfield Road

$25 corkage fee

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Kinki Lounge Kitchen // 41 York Street

$15 corkage fee

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La Roma Restaurant // 430 Preston Street

$20 corkage fee only from Sunday - Thursday, free on Tuesdays

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Must Kitchen & Wine Bar //  41 William Street

$5 corkage fee

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North & Navy // 226 Nepean Street

$25 corkage fee

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The Pomeroy House // 749 Bank Street

$20 corkage fee

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Steak & Sushi // 87 Clarence Street

$20 corkage fee, only from Monday - Friday

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Trattoria Caffe Italia // 250 Preston Street

$25 corkage fee, only on Sunday and Monday

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NeXT // 6400 Hazeldean Road

$5 corkage fee, only from Monday - Wednesday

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Play Food and Wine // 1 York Street

$15 corkage fee

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