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You Can Drink Beer While Doing Yoga In Ottawa And Life Is Now Complete

Relax in two totally different ways.
You Can Drink Beer While Doing Yoga In Ottawa And Life Is Now Complete

When it comes to relaxing, some people love to go to a yoga class and feel a million times better afterwards. Others like to go for a drink with a friend to vent about work, their relationship, school, etc. Well, let me introduce to you the best of both worlds: Yoga on Tap.

Yoga on Tap is an event in Ottawa in which you do yoga while drinking beer. I promise this is a real thing. Every month, Yoga on Tap holds an event at CRAFT Beer Market called Bend + Brunch. It starts at 9:30 am and goes until 12 pm, and it's one hour of yoga and the rest is brunch and beer.

via @yoga.ontap

CRAFT Beer Market is a super hipster place, which is why it's perfect for this event. The industrial feel of the bar goes right along with the beverages they serve. They serve Kichesippi beer and Culture Kombucha if 9:30 am is too early for you to be drinking (it's 5 o'clock somewhere, right?)

Yoga on Tap does so many events around the city as well. You can usually catch them at beer festivals, marathons, and they even travel to do Beer + Brunch at other places in Ontario as well.

via @yoga.ontap

The message that Yoga on Tap wants to get out there is that life is all about balance. Started by Ashley Kokelj, she believes that a balance between beer and yoga helps mental health. I mean, I won't disagree on that one. She also says this OMazing (get it?) balance helps us fit things into our schedule that we don't need to do but want to do. Health and happiness should always be #1, and she says that can't be achieved without mental wellness and that's her message for starting this whole journey of Yoga on Tap.

The next two events are on May 27th, 2017 and June 24th, 2017 and are $25 per person. They fill up fast, so always be looking out for the next event! I mean, we can all see why they fill up so fast, right? Health and happiness awareness by doing yoga and drinking beer sounds like an amazing way to destress to me.

via @yoga.ontap

via @yoga.ontap

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