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The Canadian Museum Of Nature Is Turning Into An Escape Manor

Escape the dinosaur museum.
The Canadian Museum Of Nature Is Turning Into An Escape Manor

Ever wanted to rob the dinosaur museum, or at least pretend to? Ottawa's newest Escape Manor is here and it's at the Canadian Museum of Nature (for a limited time only).

via @james.peltzer

The museum is offering the opportunity for you and your squad to partake in two 60-minute escape scenarios. The first involves a heist, where you plot to steal (fake) gems from the museum and try to escape. The second involves you role-playing as a museum guard in the mammal exhibit where you're framed for theft and have to prove your innocence. Both rooms are offered after regular museum hours.

via @jstarkes

Bookings are available from 5:30pm - 11:30pm starting this weekend for $30.00 plus tax. You can buy your tickets here.

Book now before it's too late: the escape manor will only be at the museum until early April.

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