An Ottawa-based TV reporter has spoken out about the verbal abuse she regularly receives while working in Canada, and it seems the “FHRITP” trend isn’t going anywhere. Despite the derogatory comment first surfacing way back in 2014, the journalist has revealed it’s sadly still a regular occurrence in Canada. The Canadian reporter's FHRITP tweet has since gone viral, and she's now receiving widespread support online.

Shouting obscenities at news reporters and doing stupid things to go viral is certainly not a new trend, and people were doing this long before 2014.

However, things took a dark turn in January of 2014, when men started yelling “f*ck her right in the p*ssy” (FHRITP) at female reporters while they were trying to work.

The trend, which has obviously received widespread criticism since it surfaced, has moved across Canada, as news reporters from Toronto to British Columbia have been affected by the harassment.

Now, an Ottawa-based television reporter has revealed that the gross 2014 trend is showing no signs of tailing-off, as she took to Twitter to share her recent experiences of the upsetting and offensive slur.

In a tweet on Friday evening, CTV News reporter Christina Succi explained, “In case you’re wondering, it’s almost 2020, and people are still screaming ‘F**k her right in the p***y’ - while I’m about to go on-air and/or live on TV.”

Succi continued, “Let me be clear, this is not the first time it’s happened to me. It’s just the first time I’ve tweeted about it.”

In a follow-up tweet, Succi added, "It’s sexual harassment. Sexual harassment IS a real problem."

Almost immediately after posting her experiences, Succi’s tweet was shared far and wide, and she received many kind responses from concerned Canadians.

One Twitter user wrote, “When they say it to you, they are saying it to all women. Their mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts and grandmothers ... I’m there with you in spirit and solidarity."

Another equally horrified Canadian responded to say, “I am so sorry that happened, Christina. That is absolutely abhorrent behaviour."

Ottawa MP Catherine Mckenna, who is no stranger to experiencing harassment at work, also tweeted her support to Succi, writing, “Horrible. It is shocking how much abuse women journalists get. Standing with you, Christina."

Ottawa City Councillor Catherine McKenney, who has also been the victim of upsetting abuse because of their job, added, “This is awful. You are a professional who deserves the respect that goes with it."

This isn’t the first time that FHRITP has resurfaced in 2019. Back in January, a man was charged after shouting the obscenity at a Kelowna reporter who was live on-camera.

In February, a Toronto man went viral after yelling "FHRITP" at a female reporter near the Scotiabank Arena.

Succi confirmed in subsequent tweets that Ottawa police had been informed about the incident.

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