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Canadian "Road Rage" At Its Finest In A Tim Hortons Drive Thru (VIDEO)

Getting to Tim Hortons was more important than brushing off his car properly.

Even when it comes to road rage, Canadians can't help but be nice. A new video that features a Canadian clearing snow off a car at Tim Hortons shows that even while being passive-aggressive, canucks are super helpful. While waiting in line in the drive-thru, one customer jumped out of their car to brush snow off of the vehicle in front of them.

According to Viralhog, the person who shared this video on January 16 said it all took place in Ottawa.

"On a mild day in January, a few co-workers and I went to Tim Hortons to get our morning coffee, when we noticed someone who had snow covering his car," the person said. "My co-worker jumped out to give him some Canadian road rage! While he was cleaning the car, the occupant was oblivious to what was unfolding around him as he continued to place his order."

While the guy in the video was annoyed enough to brave the cold and brush away the white stuff himself, he may have even saved that other driver from a ticket.

According to Ottawa Police Service, drivers can be fined $110 under the Highway Traffic Act for limited visibility on their windows.

With reporting from Viralhog

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