Ottawa Man Is The Latest Example Of “Canadian Road Rage” At Its Finest (VIDEOS)

Helpful? Yes. Passive-aggressive? Maybe.
Ottawa Man Is The Latest Example Of “Canadian Road Rage” At Its Finest (VIDEOS)

Canadian winters are often brutal and a headache for drivers. We've certainly seen enough of that in the 2019-20 season so far. Road conditions can be dangerous at times and if you haven't cleaned off your cars, it's a serious potential hazard for those around you. And it seems a "Canadian road rage" tradition is alive and well, as people are still getting out of cars to sweep off uncleared snow and ice.

There's footage of this trend dating back several years but, unfortunately, due to some people still not getting the safety message, we're still seeing it in 2020.

This week, one Ottawa man captures the moment where he decided to be a Good Samaritan and clean off the back window of a stranger's car.

“I saw it as a safety hazard, and I thought it would be funny too get out in the middle of traffic and clear it off," Colin Vautour, who shared the video onto TikTok, tells Narcity.

This particular video, viewed over 13,500 times at the time of writing, is pretty amusing, mostly thanks to the Randy Newman soundtrack which pairs beautifully with the footage.

And the "Canadian Road Rage" moment shows just how nice (or passive-aggressive, perhaps) true north citizens really are. After all, we apologize for (or to) almost anything.


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And this is just the latest video that shows how kind Canadian drivers can really be.

It seems like every winter, drivers are constantly looking out for each other while out on the roads.

This YouTube video from last winter shows a passenger of a car waiting in a drive-thru line rushing up to the car in front of them.

He brushes off the driver's back window, enough so he can see what's behind him.

Meanwhile, while this video dates back to 2016, the caption is still unnervingly relevant.

"Everyday I take my vehicle on the road I get a little nervous because I regularly cross paths with those who deliberately take shortcuts at the risk of other's safety. This is just unacceptable," reads the caption."If snow is blocking your brake/signals then you can't communicate your intentions to others while on the road, you are a hazard and are a danger to others."

Very wise, and a point that Ontario's law enforcement has been trying to get across for years now.

Police and emergency responders have had to repeatedly warn of the potential threat of failing to wipe off your cars.

One video, posted online by Peel Regional Police Sgt. Kerry Schmidt back in December, illustrated scarily just how much damage that kind of apparent laziness can cause.

And, while you might only experience this kind of kindness (or, again, is it passive-aggression?) in Canada, it's probably better to just do it yourself before setting off.

With more snow having arrived on Friday, and further fall coming in places over the weekend, now is as good a time as any to start trying to buck the trend.