Canada Border Services Is Now Hiring People To Get Beaten Up By Agents-In-Training

You should be prepared to be treated roughly, though.
Canada Border Services Is Now Hiring People To Get Beaten Up By Agents-In-Training

Are you looking for contracted work and happy to be handcuffed and searched in return for some dollar? Well, the Canada Border Services Agency wants you! The CBSA actor search is hunting for "stunt actors" to be treated like a hostile suspect for training purposes.

According to CP24, the agency is looking for people who must be willing to be thrown to the floor, handcuffed, searched, and beaten as agents educate new recruits.

The physical toll will apparently include being held down using "pain compliance techniques" and hit by trainees' fists, feet, or batons.

The official job listing, which calls for "the provision of professional stunt-actors in use of force scenario-based training," explains: "In order to assess the use of force component of their work, CBSA will require the services of one to nine stunt-actors per day to take part in scenarios."

The program will be running at the training centre in Rigaud, Quebec, on the Ottawa River between Ottawa and Montreal. 

According to documents posted online by the CBSA, the stunt actors will help to stage up to 15 situations per day, including smuggling drugs across the border.

So, if you're a Fight Club fanatic or have a questionable enjoyment of physical pain and discomfort, you can get yourself paid.

One thing to note, though, is that aside from being happy to go home covered in cuts and bruises every day, the hires must avoid any kind of personal relationships with either the training recruits or CBSA staff. So no going out for drinks with the people who've spent all day beating you up.

Applications — formally listed as "bidding" — for the one-year contract close in early September. No price or wage is quoted.

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