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Here Are All The Celebs You Missed In Ottawa Last Week

The One Young World Summit was in town this past week. From Wednesday September 28th till Saturday October 1st, the UK-based charity hosted 4 days of festivities - all dedicated to young people around the world sharing solutions to current world issues, along with panels of famous speakers and counsellors.

Aside from amazing students, there were a couple celebrities there too - both entertainers and politicians.

So in case you missed it, here are the famous people you could've stalked in Ottawa last week.




Singer. Pop Queen. Icon.

Emma Watson


Hermione. UN Goodwill Ambassador.

Meghan Markle


Rachel on Suits. UN Women's Advocate.

Emmanuel Jal


Musician. Actor. Political Activist.

Hussain Manawer


Future space traveller. Mental health advocate.

Professor Muhammad Yunus


Nobel Prize Winner. Social entrepreneur. Civil society leader.

Kofi Annan


Seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations.

Sir Bob Geldof


Singer. Author. Activist.

Mary Robinson


First female President of Ireland. Former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Jon Landau


Oscar Winning Film Producer.

Justin Trudeau

Prime Minister. Fellow Emma Watson enthusiast.

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