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You Can Fly To Puerto Rico From Ottawa This Fall For Under $350 Roundtrip

Take a vacay you'll never forget!
Cheap Flights From Ottawa To Puerto Rico Are On Offer Until Late Next Month

Fall is just around the corner and not all of us are fans of the significant cooldown that comes with it. If you hope to escape for some sun before it gets any worse, now is your chance to go on a trip for really cheap. As early as tomorrow, you can get cheap flights from Ottawa to Puerto Rico for just under $350 roundtrip! Thanks to, the dates are listed for the perfect time to go on an adventure.

There are a couple of date combos you can explore from mid-September to almost the end of October which will give you flights for just $351.

According to Secretflying, the flights have one stop in New York, although the layover should be only about an hour at most.

The dates for this deal include Sept. 13 to 22, Sept. 15 to 22, Oct. 1 to 9, Oct. 1 to 13, Oct. 1 to 15, Oct. 17 to 25.

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If you're unable to go on those dates, there's a bunch of other combos that'll get you roundtrip flights for $354 during the months of September and October.

Dates are: Sept. 13 to 21, Sept. 23 to Oct. 6, Sept. 23 to Oct. 7, Oct. 1 to 8, Oct. 1 to 10, Oct. 1 to 12, Oct. 7 to 15, Oct. 7 to 17, Oct. 7 to 18, Oct. 7 to 21, Oct. 13 to 21, Oct. 16 to 25, and Oct. 17 to 26.

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All flights leave from Ottawa and fly to Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, and average about seven days to just over a week.

Now is the perfect time to visit a hot destination you've always wanted to see! But act fast, because flight prices are always changing and you wouldn't want to miss out on this offer.

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Whether it's a couples trip or just a friends getaway, you'll want to take in the beauty of Puerto Rico and immerse yourself in the culture, food and music. Aguadilla is home to some of Puerto Ricos best beaches and surfing spots.

Escape the gloominess of fall and end your year off with a glorious trip!

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