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9 Cheap Homes For Sale Near Ottawa That Are Perfect For First-Time Buyers

Affordable AND adorable!
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Cheap Homes For Sale In Ottawa Are Everywhere & They're Perfect For First-Time Buyers

Ottawa is a popular place for young people to live, and it’s not hard to see why. With plenty of job opportunities, beautiful scenery and some of the best shawarmas around, why wouldn’t you head to the national capital region?! That said, cheap homes for sale in Ottawa can be hard to come by, but there’s plenty of opportunities out there if you're looking for a bargain!

While rent prices in Ottawa aren’t as ridiculous as other big cities like Toronto and Vancouver, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to get on the property ladder.

In fact, homes in Ottawa can get super expensive, and it can sometimes seem impossible to find affordable housing in the capital city.

That said, there are definitely some gems out there, and these mega-cheap properties are perfect for first time buyers.

While most of these houses are the perfect size for first timers or smaller families, this doesn't mean they're super small. In fact, some of these city homes are actually surprisingly spacious.

Although some of the homes need a little bit of work and TLC, others are move-in ready, so there's a little something out there for you whether you're looking to renovate, or simply settle right in!

The best part is, all of these properties are on the market for $320,000 and under, so they're all relatively affordable.

4268 Weldon Drive

Price: $305,000

Address: 4268 Weldon Drive, Ottawa, ON

Description: This sweet property is deceptively large! With four bedrooms, one full bathroom and one half bathroom, there's no shortage of space here. While the decor does need a little revamp, it's nothing that a splash of paint and some modern furniture can't fix!

[image 5ebc47283fbbed07b934ebc1]

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305 Rue Laviolette

Price: $229,800

Address: 305 Rue Laviolette, Gatineau, QC

Description: This lovely bungalow is perfect for anybody who just wants to move straight on in. It's already decorated to a high standard, the basement is cozy and completed, and the bedrooms are good to go. There's even a huge back yard!

[image 5ebc6ef6db167807ae2fee99]

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10 - 1121 Bavlie Avenue

Price: $318,800

Address: 10 - 1121, Bavlie Avenue, Ottawa, ON

Description: If you're searching for a downtown condo, look no further! This two-story apartment has great views of a nearby ravine and Sawmill Creek, and has a great central location.

It's also got a wood-burning fireplace, two spacious bedrooms, balconies on each floor, and underground heated parking. Score!

[image 5ebc5b3a194c7607a6dafe5b]

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3018 Olympic Way

Price: $219,900

Address: 3018 Olympic Way, Ottawa, ON

Description: This cute little house is surprisingly spacious inside. There's three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a large living and dining area. The roof, flooring, carpets and appliances are all relatively new in this house, so it's the perfect place for anyone who's looking for minimal stress!

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507 - 90 George Street

Price: $305,000

Address: 507 - 90 George Street, Ottawa, ON,

Description: Location, location, location! While this property is actually pretty small, it's got one of the best locations in the city. The unit has south-facing views of downtown Ottawa, and is right across the street from Byward Market.

According to the listing, this is a five-star block, and amenities include 24-hour security and concierge service, a fully-equipped fitness center, saltwater pool, a hot tub and a rooftop terrace with BBQs.

Not bad, eh?

[image 5ebc58fadb167807ae2fed5b]

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43 Rue Raymond-Montpetit

Price: $259,900

Address: 43 Rue Raymond-Montpetit, Gatineau, QC

Description: Located just 40 minutes from Ottawa, this pretty property will give you plenty of bang for your buck. There's three bedrooms with recent renovations, a bathroom, a "powder room," and a pristine, finished basement. Not bad!

[image 5ebc6c6ca705cb07a7bce91e]

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9 Rue Achille-Vanhée

Price: $259,900

Address: 9 Rue Achille-Vanhée, Gatineau, QC

Description: This modern home would be a perfect starter pad for a new family or a young couple. Located just across the border, it's great value for money. With spacious and sophiscated rooms throughout, you won't need to spend a cent decorating this place!

[image 5ebc6d353fbbed07b934eea3]

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6170 Brookside Lane

Price: $259,900

Address: 6170 Brookside Lane, Orléans, ON

Description: Although some parts of this sizeable home need a little bit of TLC, there's a serious amount of potential here! With a few tins of paint and some fresh inspiration, you could make this huge house into a dream-home in no time.

There's three bedrooms, one full bathroom, one half bathroom and a big, finished basement. Located just minutes from the highway and with a park basically in the back yard, you couldn't ask for much more from an afforable starter home!

[image 5ebc80543fbbed07b934ef8c]

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361 Rue Émile-Pelletier

Price: $324,900

Address: 361 Rue Émile-Pelletier, Gatineau, QC

Description: Don't let the exterior of this property fool you! It's really spacious inside, with two large bedrooms and two bathrooms, and even the possibility of a third bedroom in the basement.

While petite-looking, this home is super modern, and needs no work doing inside at all.

[image 5ebc7f37db167807ae2fef3b]

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