This Ottawa Cookie Dough Shop Sells Mouthwatering Scoops Of Heaven

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La pâtisserie Cinnaholic à Ottawa offre des desserts à la pâte à biscuit décadents

Who doesn't love eating cookie dough? Many people consider eating cookie dough the best part of making cookies! The next time you are craving cookie dough in Ottawa, you'll want to check out this shop that sells edible cookie dough. The giant scoops of cookie dough they sell look too good to be true!

While Cinnaholic in Ottawa is best known for their vegan gourmet cinnamon buns, they also sell cookie dough! All their cookie dough is safe to eat. Just like all of Cinnaholic's other products, their cookie dough is 100 percent plant-based, dairy-and-lactose-free, egg-free, and cholesterol-free! So go ahead and enjoy your vegan cookie dough.

When ordering, you can opt to skip the cinnamon bun and get a massive scoop of cookie dough with delicious toppings. For example, you can get s'mores cookie dough with marshmallow frosting, graham cracker pieces, chocolate chips, and marshmallows. Another favourite is birthday cake, which is cookie dough with cake batter frosting and sprinkles.

If you want to enjoy the ultimate dessert, you have to order cookie dough on top of one of Cinnaholic's famous cinnamon buns. At Cinnaholic you can customize your cinnamon bun, so go ahead and add a mouth-watering scoop of cookie dough on top! For a delicious treat try an Old Skool Rolls with Oreo cookie dough scoop, or the Cookie Monster roll with cream cheese frosting, cookie dough, chocolate chips, and chocolate sauce!

Instead of bringing cupcakes to share with friends, consider getting a container of various cookie dough flavours. You can either buy individual scoops of cookie dough or an 8 oz container. We promise your friends will love it!

Cookie Dough At Cinnaholic Ottawa

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Vegan desserts

Address: Cinnaholic, 900 Exhibition Way Unit 102, Ottawa

Why you need to go: You can enjoy massive scoops of safe-to-eat cookie dough!


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