If you spotted an usual creature walking their dog in Ottawa recently — you’re not the only one! There’s been a dinosaur prowling the city’s streets this week, and he’s making sure his dog gets a daily walk. The dinosaur and dog in Ottawa are the capital’s latest social distancing duo, and a special video has already been made about them.

It’s not everyday that you see a huge dinosaur walking his tiny dog around the city. Unless you live in Ottawa, that is.

This week, an unusual creature has been spotted out and about with his pet, and it's apparently all in the name of safe social distancing.

When wildlife photographer Sandy Sharkey noticed this unlikely pair, she knew it was the perfect time to start filming.

“The sight of this duo made me laugh hysterically and I needed to get it on video so I followed them for a bit,” the photographer told Narcity.

“It was amazing how quickly this Triceratops could walk!”

When Sharkey approached the dynamic twosome, the dinosaur explained that he was self-isolating, but it was time to bring his dog for a walk.

Not prepared to keep the hilarious moment to herself, Sharkey decided to create a mini-movie, so she could share the experience with the rest of Canada.

The clip shows the unique pair going about their business, taking a walk around the city’s empty streets.

The mini-movie was shared on Twitter, and has already received several hundred likes and shares.

According to Sharkey, it was important to dedicate the clip to Canada’s frontline workers, “because they certainly need a reason to smile right now.”

It seems it’s not only Ottawa that has a new population of dinosaurs that are out and about. Across Ontario, T-Rex have been filmed wandering the streets, even hanging out in pairs!

In the capital, there’s also been a local T-Rex spotted, and this particular creature was also captured on film walking his dog.

Who knew dinosaurs were such diligent pet owners?!

In a message to Narcity, Sandy Sharkey explained, “The pandemic gives us stories every day. Stories of sadness, loss, devastation, struggle, but also courage, hope, and humour.”

“I am very grateful that the Triceratops and his furry friend marched down the street that day, and that I was lucky enough to capture and share this funny moment.”

Us too, Sandy!