Dogs and coffee. Is there a better mix? Probably not.

Lucky for us Ottawans, we don't have to choose between the two. Wag Cafe & Pet Lounge is a spot in Ottawa that is completely underrated. If you love to spoil yourself as well as your dog, you've found the right place.

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This isn't just your average dog cafe either. What's different about this one is that you bring your own dog, and they get to hang out with other dogs that are in the cafe as well. Your dog will never be alone in the store, since it's a very popular place for dog lovers to treat their furry friends to.

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Not only can you grab yourself a coffee while visiting, but you can grab a tasty treat for yourself and your pup too. All of their products are super healthy and will make you feel comfortable giving treats to your dog. The treats you can give to your pup at Wag Cafe & Pet Lounge are:

  • Loon Kombucha for pets
  • Grass fed bone broth
  • Barkery cookies
  • Bosco & Roxy's Cookies

There is an even bigger menu for humans, and ones that you'll adore. They have every type of dessert you could want including gluten-free options. They also add in items for the seasons, which gives you a great excuse to come back all the time to see what's new.

If this isn't the kinds of treats you're looking to buy your pup, you can also purchase toys, clothing and accessories here. And of course, other items for the obsessed dog lover.

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via @wagcafe

You can find this adorable dog cafe in downtown Ottawa at 1071 Bank Street. They even have events that are hosted for dogs, so if you're that extra, you can find all that information here. If you're having a bad day and want some love, you don't even have to bring your own dog. Just show up, grab a coffee, and get lots of love from other peoples dogs. That's the best kind of love, right?

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