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Doug Ford Finally Visited Ottawa After The Devastating Tornado Storm And This Is What He Has To Say

Ontario's premier Doug Ford visited Ottawa after the destructive tornado this past Friday.

This past Friday on September 21st, a destructive tornado shook Ottawa and Gatineau residents to the core, leaving several injured and a number of the city's residents homeless. The storm and tornado ripped down dozens of trees in West Ottawa Region and cut power to thousands of homes in the city. 

Ontarians were warned about the severe weather that was hitting the province, including a tornado risk due to the changing temperatures. Ottawa and Gatineau were hit with not one but two tornados and has left multiple without power for days on end. 

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#BREAKING: Environment Canada confirms that a tornado did touch down in the west end of Ottawa as well as Gatineau, Quebec. Multiple homes were damaged while some cars were overturned on a local highway in Gatineau.

September 21, 2018

Even though the storm hit Ottawa at the beginning of the weekend, Ontarians were quick to notice that the newly elected premier Doug Ford remained silent on the destruction. He first tweeted about the storm the following day, on Saturday, September 22. 

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That was until today. Ford took a visit to the West Ottawa region to see the mess the tornados made first hand. 

I’m in Ottawa today to meet with families, businesses and first responders, who were devastated by Friday’s tornados. Our government has pledged our full support towards the recovery efforts that are currently underway. #ottstorm pic.twitter.com/7mZTxSwwD5

September 23, 2018

Thank you to the hydro workers, first responders and all the other front-line staff who have been working around the clock to support Dunrobin and other devastated communities. #ottstorm pic.twitter.com/0wqSDN5QTT

September 23, 2018

Premier Ford has committed full support to Ottawa to help the community restore itself and help those who have been displaced by the storm. He met with hydro workers trying to restore power, as well as those volunteering to help those affected by the tornadoes. 

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In a press release, Ford's government stated "On behalf of the government of Ontario, I want to tell the people of Ottawa that my thoughts are with them as they work to recover from the tornado and storm that impacted the Ottawa area yesterday; especially to the people of Dunrobin who saw immense damage to their homes and community." 

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Ford was criticised on social media for hosting the annual FordFest on Saturday instead of rushing out to help those in need up in Ottawa. The premier opted to continue with his plans on Saturday and visit the city on Sunday instead. 

While it's sad to see that both Ottawa and Gatineau are suffering currently, the commitment from the government means that the cities will not be alone in their fight for restoration. Considering Ottawa is the capital of Canada, there is no doubt that help is on the way.