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An Ottawa YouTuber Is Leaving The City & Put Up A Huge Billboard To Apologize

"I wouldn't forgive me either."

A new street sign has gone up in Ottawa but it's not your typical advertisement. Instead, it belongs to a local YouTuber. Ottawa native and internet star Elle Mills' billboard was put up recently and it's big good-bye present to the city. 

Mills, who has over 1.8 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, has decided to leave her hometown, Ottawa. In order to mark this occasion, she bought the massive sign space. 

However, the message she's leaving behind isn't your typical good-bye. Instead, she's actually apologizing to her city but with her typical sense of humour. 

"Ottawa," the sign says in bright red text, "Sorry I'm leaving you with my brother. I wouldn't forgive me either." 

She also included a massive picture of her face and the address to her channel. 

The billboard, which is owned by the outdoor advertising company Pattison, towers over the city streets, specifically the streets by Ottawa's International Airport. 

Based on the photos and videos she has shared online of the signage, it is at the corner of Airport Parkway Private and Airbus Private. 

That means everyone else who is leaving the city, just like the popular YouTuber, will see the massive message on their way out. 

In a tweet accompanying photos of the giant sign, Mills says "I’m moving out of my hometown and away from my family for the first time and decided to leave a little goodbye present." 

She also shared a link to her latest video, which is called "Moving Out Of My Hometown (Elle Mills style)." 

The video includes her saying goodbye to the city and all her loved ones before getting her friends' reactions to her unique going away present. There was a lot of laughter. 

The 21-year-old is well-known on YouTube for her regular vlogs and comedic videos involving all her friends and doing various things "Elle Mills Style." 

In 2018, she won a YouTube Streamy award for Breakout YouTuber. 

While Mills didn't make it clear in the video where exactly she moved to once she left Ottawa, the description mentions "LA Crew," leading many of her subscribers to believe that she has headed to southern California. 

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