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Everything You Need To Know About Canada’s Largest Tulip Festival

Ottawa's iconic festival starts today!

Canada's largest and most iconic Tulip Festival is in full bloom this weekend for the 66th year in a row. Nearly one million tulips are planted across Ottawa and Gatineau, of over 100 unique varieties.

The festival starts today and ends on May 21st. This year's featured flower is the "World Friendship" tulip. You can expect to see plenty of this creamy yellow tulip throughout the festival.

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This year's Tulip Festival is being held at four main locations - Dow's Lake, Lansdowne Park, the ByWard Market and the Garden Promenade. Each spot will be hosting events, art installations and activities on all ten days of the festival. In addition to these, there are 30 smaller Tulip Festival locations across the Ottawa area.

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The two must-see tulip exhibits will be held at Commissioner's Park and Lansdowne Park. Over 250,000 tulips are on display at Commissioner's Park, filling all 30 of the park's flower beds. Lansdowne Park is home to the stunning Turkish Tulip Carpet, featuring 50,000 rare yellow and purple tulips.

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You'll have to stop at ByWard market to see the incredible art installation by Monique Martin, which lets visitors "Tiptoe Through A World Of Tulips." Of course, you'll definitely have to make time for relaxing on tulip-shaped chairs at Dow's Lake.

Source: Ottawa Citizen