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Ottawa Will Feel Like -35 C On Friday Night & You Could Get Frostbite Within Minutes

You might want to re-think any outdoor plans you have.
Extreme Cold Warning In Ottawa As Temperatures Drop Below -35 C Again

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Family Day and the last weekend of Winterlude, the capital city’s public health board has issued an extreme cold warning for Ottawa. Ahead of the long weekend, temperatures are expected to drop to -35 C with the wind chill. If you had any outdoor plans, you might want to think about cancelling them, as Friday's conditions are expected to be so cold that you could actually get frostbite within minutes.

It’s been a chilly start to the long weekend in Canada’s capital, as locals woke up on Friday to temperatures feeling like -35 C with the wind chill.

While today's conditions are already starting to improve, Valentine’s Day highs are not expected to exceed -17 C.

In response to the city’s bone-chilling weather, Ottawa Public Health (OPH) and Environment Canada have issued an extreme cold warning, urging locals to be prepared for the bitter evening ahead.

According to Environment Canada’s weather forecast, Ottawans will experience temperatures as low as -25 C on Friday evening, with the wind chill eventually taking conditions to -35 C.

Ottawa Public Health’s frostbite warning reminds locals that, with a wind chill of -35 C or colder, “exposed skin can freeze in less than 10 minutes.”

Such warnings from Environment Canada and OPH are issued when cold temperatures create an elevated danger to public health.

Both statements urge Ottawans to be aware of the risks when outdoors in such conditions, and remind people to take appropriate caution when making plans.

For those hoping to enjoy the last weekend of Winterlude, or who had some cute Valentine's Day plans in Ottawa, you’re going to have to wrap up warm!

Although conditions are expected to improve as the long weekend goes on, it’s still going to be a frosty one.

By Saturday afternoon, temperatures will climb to a high of -4 C, and will reach 0 C by noon on Sunday.

On Family Day Monday, you can expect some sun and temps around -7 C, but the snow will eventually make a return during the evening.

This is one of several OPH frostbite advisories that have been issued in the last few weeks.

To keep up to date with what’s happening with Ottawa’s weather, you can click here.

Stay warm, Ottawa!

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