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Gatineau Park In The Fall Looks Like A Dream & You Need To Experience It

Are you as much as a fall lover as I am? Probably not, but we can compromise.

Fall is hands down the best weather in Ottawa. We don't have to suffer through +40 or -40 weather and we get to experience being outside without being miserable. That being said, we should experience Ottawa and what it has to offer while we can. Even if experiencing Ottawa means getting out of Ottawa for a short period of time to a beautiful place called Gatineau Park.

We're lucky to experience sunny fall days in Ottawa, as well as beautiful sunsets at night. It's so easy to get out of the city and experience nature since we're so close to Gatineau. It's also a great excuse to get some exercise in since Gatineau Park is filled with hiking trails. Yes, of course I expect you to take an Instagram picture.

Great places to check out the amazing views of the colourful trees and crisp landscapes are: Champlain Lookout, Pink Lake, Luskville Falls, and King Mountain. Or, just driving up and down the Gatineau Parkway will also give you amazing views. Either way, either way's fine.

You'll be able to hike without feeling like you're dying of heat, or slipping on your ass from the icy ground. If you're feeling super fall, you can bring a pumpkin spice latte with you, or have a picnic date with your BFF or SO. No matter what way you experience Gatineau Park, you'll be amazed at how beautiful and unique looking it is during the fall time.

No matter what trail you decide to go on, or who you're with, you'll feel like you're nowhere near Ottawa in this dream location. You'll be surrounded by the most beautiful colours while getting those endorphins going. Hurry before the leaves start to disappear and the frostbite warnings come out! You won't regret the trip.

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