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The Government Of Canada Just Tweeted A Job Posting Almost Entirely In Emojis

They're channelling their inner Gina Linetti.

Are words too much for you to understand? Do you wish you lived in a world where people communicated solely with emojis? A recent government of Canada job posting on Twitter is basically all emojis and it's weird but maybe also relatable. 

If you use symbols as much as you do letters in every text, every Instagram caption and every tweet, the government of Canada is trying to appeal to you with its latest job posting. 

In a tweet on the government's job account, a posting for a position with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency as an animal nutritionist in Ottawa was put up today. 

For whatever reason, the tweet is full of emojis to describe what each thing is because words simply weren't enough. 

So there's a maple leaf, a dinner plate and a magnifying glass to symbolize the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and a rooster, a horse and a spoon to symbolize animal nutritionist. 

Nicely done, Canada. 

If this emoji job posting tweet piqued your interest but you have no clue what an animal nutritionist is, we've got you covered.

When you click the link in the tweet, appropriately placed by a chain-link emoji, you get to the actual job posting that's full of words and no cute but cryptic symbols.

An animal nutritionist with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency works to evaluate scientific information on feeds and feed ingredients for Canada's livestock, approve or reject new submissions for livestock feed that has new ingredients and make sure that what animals are being fed is safe for them and for humans. 

The job is in Ottawa and the salary is from $62,018 to $98,208. 

According to the posting, employees get benefits, flexible hours, opportunities for advancement, and a work environment that has an emphasis on learning and development. 

While this may be an unorthodox move for a government agency, using emojis in a job posting tweeting is almost on the same level as Gina Linetti using emojis when she talks. 

And we're here for it. 



Applications for this job are only being accepted until November 20, 2019.

Here's hoping the government continues to post tweets made up of almost all emojis or that they take it a step further and tweet using only emojis.

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