Top of the mornin’ to you! Nothing says “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” like bright-green-everything. Fortunately, one bagel spot has got us covered, and they're serving glaringly green bagels in Ottawa to mark the occasion. With Shrek-style Bailey’s cream cheese to accompany the snack, what more could you want during this Irish celebration?!

Whatever you had planned to celebrate St. Patricks Day in Canada, make sure you have time to stop at Kettleman's Bagel Co. 

Not only does the company make some of the best bagels in Ottawa, they’re also re-introducing a very green old friend.

Just in time for March 17, the bakery is bringing back their infamous coloured bagel, and it’s the perfect treat to start your day off right.

Even better, the Grinch-inspired snack will be served with Bailey’s cream cheese (also green), so you can get your day off to a boozy start.

Speaking to Narcity, Kettleman’s confirmed that the colourful circle is available in stores as of right now, and will remain on sale until March 17. Or, until supplies run out.

With that in mind, don’t leave it too late to taste-test this emerald-coloured masterpiece, once it’s gone, it’s gone!

In fact, it can be so popular during the St. Paddy's period, the company recommends calling ahead of time to reserve one.

If you're not a fan of cream cheese, don't worry. You can add pretty much whatever you like to your grass-green bagel.

With everything from pickles and cheese to eggs and bacon in store, you can create your dream breakfast in seconds.

Whether you're looking to load-up on carbs before a day of heavy drinking, or simply treat yourself to a truly Irish-looking snack, it's not going to get much more fun than this.

Fortunately for Ottawans, there are several Kettleman's locations in the city. From Bank Street to Nepean, there's bound to be a bakery near you.

If not, it's time for a road trip! These green treats are 100% worth the drive.

You can find your nearest one by clicking here.

Kettleman's Bagel Co.

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Bakery

Address: Various Locations

Why You Need To Go: Embrace the spirit of the Irish and celebrate St. Paddy's Day with this garishly green feast!