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Here Are 10 Awesome Things You Can Do In Ottawa For $10 Or Less

Ottawa is honestly such an amazing city. Yes, some people knock it for being boring and dull, but all you need to do is get out of your house to explore and you are sure to find some awesome things to do. Whether you're someone that is super outdoorsy or someone that would rather stay in and eat some good food, there really is something for everyone in this great city.

Our city is a perfect mesh between nature's beauty and urban life. Downtown is perfect for you if you love a busy atmosphere, but if you're someone that would rather immerse yourself in some nature you can do that too! Not only does this city have a variety of activities to do, but there are also plenty of things to do for $10 or less (yes, please). If you're trying to save your bank account these 10 things are sure to help you!

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10. Indulge in a tasty donut at Mimi's In Manotick 

Price: $3-$5

If you have a major sweet tooth then you 100% have to try Mimi's In Manotick. This is the perfect spot to go to enjoy a delicious homemade donut with a cup of coffee or tea. Mimi's In Manotick sells a wide range of sweet treats, from the yummy donuts to sweet ice cream to teas and coffees you will be seriously spoilt for choice at this hidden gem!


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9. Take a stroll through The Dominion Arboretum

Price: Free!

During the spring time, The Dominion Arboretum transforms into a pink flower tree wonderland! Whether you go to take a stroll for the day, or you take some snacks and have a little picnic, you are in for a day filled with colour. If you have never been to the Dominion Arboretum to see this beautiful cherry blossoms, now is your chance to tick it off your list!


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8. Play arcade games at Room 104

Price: Free entry, $4 shots

Calling all arcade lovers this spot is for you! Head to Room 104 for a fun filled night of retro games and great drinks. All of their shots are $4 each so you for sure won't be spending a lot of money at all. Not to mention the fact that there is absolutely no cover fee (bless). Rally up all of you BFFs and make your way to Room 104.


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7. Attend the enormous Gatineau Beerfest 

Price: $10 (Presale)

Now this is a real bargain! To gain admission for the first day of the festival (May 31st) all you need to do is buy your presale ticket before May 27th! This presale ticket is only $10 and is totally worth it. The festival will have over 350 different types of craft beers to try as well as a variety of tasty food trucks to eat from.


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6. Head to Alicja Confections for an unreal chocolate bar

Price: $8.99 per bar

Ummmm... a chocolate bar with donuts in it? YES, please! Alicja Confections is the perfect place to go if you love chocolate. This shop opened up just last year and is honestly stunning. Alicja Confections sells a variety of different flavour chocolate bars, from donut to fruit loop to popping candy to matcha you will seriously struggle to choose which one to get!


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5. Get outside and try to conquer Ottawa's Hiking Bucket List

Price: Free!

There's nothing better than getting outside and letting the warm sun shine on you while you hike. With the warmer weather rolling in, now is the time to get outside and start your summer bucket lists. There are so many places in Ottawa and Gatineau that will have you in awe of the gorgeous natural views.


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4. Enjoy a coffee or tea at Oat Couture Oatmeal Cafe

Price: $3-10

Oat Couture Oatmeal Cafe just opened up in Ottawa and it is so dreamy. From the hanging chairs to the brick walls, this spot is perfect for a quick snack. Here you can indulge in premium oatmeal bowls, granolas, muesli, coffee and baked goods. If you're searching for a new spot in the city to discover then look no further because Oat Couture Oatmeal Cafe is perfect for you.


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3. Explore Aquatopia Conservatory's greenhouse of gorgeous plants

Price: Free!

Aquatopia’s Greenhouse holds a permanent botanical exposition, featuring stunning water lilies in a variety of colours, from red to yellow to pink to peach this colourful greenhouse will give you all the spring vibes you need. Tropical plants scent the air with fragrant , vibrant flowers, and lush foliage. You will totally feel like you're in an oasis of plants.


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2. Visit Level One Game Pub to play a variety of fun retro games

Price: $6

When you head to Level One Game Pub you are in for a super fun night. At Level One you can choose from so many different video games or board games to play. From Jenga to Monopoly to Mario Kart to Sonic this is honestly a gaming paradise. Not to mention the super reasonable price considering you can play so many different games!


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1. Take in stunning views while sipping on coffee at Equator NAC

Price: $5-10

This amazing new coffee shop is hidden in the National Arts Centre and you have to visit it! The views are incredible, you can see Parliament Hill and the Château Laurier just across from where you sit. The windows are super high so the natural lighting in here is perfection.


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