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Here Are All The Best Vegan Ice Cream Spots In Ottawa

Summer season = ice cream season

Ice cream is 100% the best thing to have on a hot sunny day. After walking around and soaking up the summer sun, there really is nothing like a sweet ice cream to top off your day. Sure there are a lot of great ice cream places in Ottawa, but not all of them offer up unreal vegan friendly ice creams. Even if you're not vegan, lots of people live a dairy-free lifestyle and having yummy ice cream can sometimes be a challenge. 

Luckily there are so many places in our city that serve up unbelievable vegan ice cream. Whether you're someone that likes a fruity sorbet or someone who prefers a classic soft serve cone, there is a dairy-free option for everyone. It's time to cool off and try out some amazing vegan ice creams.

Mantovani 1946

Where: 87 Murray St

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As soon as you step foot in Mantovani 1946 you will feel like you've transported to a cafe in Italy. If you're someone that's way to broke to go to Europe this summer, make your way to this amazing cafe for some delicious vegan ice cream. Each day their vegan flavours change, some that they often have include vegan pistachio and vegan chocolate.


Strawberry Blonde Bakery

Where: 114B Grange Ave

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Get ready for a yummy vegan soft serve ice cream. Strawberry Blonde Bakery sells delicious vegan ice cream as well as a wide variety of vegan baked goods. They sells ice cream cones, sandwiches, and sundaes during the summer. The ice cream is created with soy-based ingredients so if you're vegan this is perfect for you.


Mad Radish

Where: 116 Albert St Suite 100

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Prepare yourself for an unbelievable vegan soft serve ice cream cone. This ice cream is created using coconut milk. After months of trial and error, Chef Finley of Mad Radish created the coconut cone soft serve masterpiece. Made with a base of rich and creamy coconut milk, this luscious cone is as cool and decadent as is gets.


Carp Creamery 

Where: 3763 Carp Rd

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Carp Custom Creamery is a little hidden shop in Carp and it's totally worth the drive. Their ice cream is absolutely unreal. It's located in an adorable house that takes your order through a window! Some vegan flavours they've served before include Salted Chocolate, Berry, and Mint Chocolate.


Thimble Cakes

Where: 369 Bank St

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You're probably going to have a pretty hard time choosing from flavours at Thimble Cakes. With so many options at this all vegan bakery, you are sure to be in ice cream heaven. Thimble Cakes sells options for everyone, including nut, sesame, egg, honey and gelatine free. They also offer gluten free options, vegan options, soy free options and sunflower free options.



Where: Multiple Locations

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Some people may not know this but Menchies serves up a wide variety of flavours that are vegan! All of their sorbet options are dairy-free, meaning they contain no milk or milk derived ingredients, so they are recommended for both vegans and vegetarians. The flavours that they come in include Cherry, Mango, Papaya, Peach, Honeydew, Watermelon, and many more!


Pure Gelato

Where: Multiple Locations

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Even though the name may seem like they only sell gelato, Pure Gelato also sells amazing pure sorbet! Pure Gelato sells refreshing sorbets made with fresh fruits. They sere a wide range of flavours, some include passionfruit, strawberry, guava, raspberry-lemon, mango, and lemon-lime.


Little Jo Berry's

Where: 1303 Wellington St W

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If you're searching for a super unique ice cream to enjoy this summer, this is 100% the place to go. Little Jo Berry's always serves up the coolest ice creams during the summer. Some of the many flavours that they serve up include Raspberry Maple Pancake, Pina Colada, Caramel Brownie, Cherry Nutella, and Earl Grey Cookie (flavours change day to day, feel free to call the cafe before heading here to find out the flavour).


Gelatini Gelato

Where: 244 Preston Street

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Prepare to have a hard time choosing the exact flavour you want cause at Gelatini Gelato you will be spoilt for choice. Some flavours include mojito sorbet, raspberry and mixed berry, raspberry mango, and lemon.


Moo Shu Ice Cream

Where: 477 Bank St

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Moo Shu Ice Cream serves up some tasty vegan ice creams! Their flavours constantly rotate so be sure to keep an eye on their website for the exact flavours available. Right now their vegan option is Hiking A-Boot which is grapefruit and trail mix. Their mainstay scoops and pints do include vegan chocolate. You can also buy a pint for home or simply get some scoops.


Stella Luna Gelato Cafe

Where: 1103 Bank St

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Stella Luna Gelato Cafe is a true Ottawa classic. They serve a wide variety of ice cream flavours (with dairy) as well as a selection of sorbets that are dairy free. Some of the flavours they sell include Mango, Sangria, Peach Schnapps, and Raspberry Blackberry.



Where: 100 Bayshore Dr Unit K04A

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Pinkberry serves some yummy frozen yogurt and they also treat vegans to amazing coconut soft serve. Get this yummy soft serve with a topping of strawberries, kiwi, or blueberries. Pinkberry will definitely cool you off this summer with their delicious coconut soft serve.


Piccolo Grande 

Where: 102-55 Murray St

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If you're someone that loves sorbet then you need to try Piccolo Grande. After undergoing a renovation their location on Murray Street is perfect for a summer cool off. The aesthetic is quirky and unique and will make you feel like a kid again. Flavours they sell include mango, passionfruit, and raspberry.


Sundae School

Where: 131B Beechwood

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Get ready to feel like you're back in elementary school at this Ottawa ice cream spot. Sundae School serves up classic ice cream sundaes that we all loved as kids. They serve up some vegan options too which include peach sorbet, coconut vanilla, and raspberry sorbet.