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Here Are The Best Hidden Coffee Shops In Ottawa Where You Won't See Anyone You Know

Spots off campus that are perfect for studying.
Here Are The Best Hidden Coffee Shops In Ottawa Where You Won't See Anyone You Know

Take a break from campus this year by studying off campus. No student wants to be on campus unless they need to be. As midterms and finals approach, the libraries on campus and the nearby coffee shops often get overly crowded. Not only can it be difficult to find somewhere to work on campus, but it tends to be loud, and you risk bumping into your friends who will distract you from your study session.

Around Ottawa, there are plenty of spots off campus that are perfect for studying. Coffee shops always make the best option, as they offer free wifi, food, and plenty of coffee to help keep you awake while you cram. 

If you are looking for a new spot to study this year, here are some new spots around Ottawa that would be perfect for your next study session.

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Figaro Coffee House

Where: 650 Industrial Ave

Located next to Train Yards, Figaro Coffee House is a charming coffee shop makes the perfect spot to study. At Figaro Coffee House they make an excellent cup of coffee, and have a variety of delicious snacks to pick from too, should you get hungry.

The beautiful coffee shop is divided into two spaces so you can head to the back section if you are looking for quieter study space. Along the front window, there is also a massive wood table that is perfect for someone to sit solo and study.

Aroma Espresso Bar

Where: 200 Marché Way #109

After an hour of studying chances are you need a sugary treat and some caffeine to help give you some energy. At Aroma Espresso Bar you can get both in one order!

Every time you order a coffee, your drink comes with some delicious mini chocolate bars which are precisely the treat you crave when studying. The Landsdowne Park coffee shop offers plenty of seating so you can always find a table to set up your laptop and start studying.

Origin Trade

Where: 111 York Street

While not exactly hidden, Origin Trade is a coffee shop that is perfect for studying. Conveniently located in the Byward Market and a short walk from Ottawa University, this coffee shop on York Street has a laid-back atmosphere that is perfect for when you need to cram for your upcoming exam.

While it is open late on several nights, you'll want to skip studying here on Friday nights as that is when there is a DJ spinning acid jazz. The rest of the time, this coffee shop is the perfect spot to study as there are comfortable leather chairs or plenty of tables to work at too.

Art House Cafe

Where: 555 Somerset St W

Located in a beautiful heritage house turned into a coffee shop, The Art House Cafe is a great spot to study in the day. The Art House Cafe has a variety of uses and has art from nearly 100 local artists inside.

If you want to come here to study make sure you visit in the day as at night it turns into a lounge and bar where they host events or have live music. In the daytime, though it is a lot quieter in the coffee shop, and you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and a healthy lunch while you review your class notes.

Black Squirrel Books & Espresso Bar

Where: 1073 Bank Street

Black Squirrel Books & Espresso Bar is a cozy spot to study. During the day the bookstore is a low-key coffee shop that is an excellent spot to study. If you love the feeling of studying at the library, this is the spot for you. At night it is best though to find a different location as Black Squirrel Books has live music, vernissages, and panel talks where the venue gets very crowded.

Visiting in the day though is the perfect peaceful cafe where you can enjoy locally roasted coffee from Little Victories and Cloud Forest. They also have a great selection of locally made sweet treats from Strawberry Blonde (all vegan desserts) and Doughbaby Doughnuts (offering regular and vegan donuts).

Cafe Cristal

Where: 240 Kennevale Drive

If you are looking for a stylish spot to work then you need to head to Cafe Cristal. The cafe is located in Barrhaven and is one of Ottawa's most beautiful coffee shops filled with chandeliers, flower accents and gold framed art.

As it is located out of the downtown core, during the weekdays this spot is rather quiet making it perfect to study at. If you need some food while studying, you'll be happy to know you'll be able to order delicious food and drinks at this hidden spot. Here you can savor some crepes, waffles, fresh baked goods or sandwiches and along with your latte.

Cafe Latte Cino

Where: 2020 Tenth Line Road

If you live in Orleans, Cafe Latte Cino is a great spot to study on weekdays. This spot is normally fairly quiet during the week and there are typically several tables available. 

If you need a spot to study with free fast wifi, this cafe is perfect. Cafe Latte Cino has a huge menu of food and makes tons of delicious coffee beverage options. Chances are you won't bump into anyone so you can study in peace and focus on your work. 

The Ministry Of Coffee And Social Affairs

Where: 1013 Wellington St W

The Ministry Of Coffee in Hintonburg has tons of seating which makes it the perfect spot to study. Inside the cafe, you'll find one long table in the middle and another against the window that is perfect for one person working alone.

Located near downtown with free wifi and fantastic coffee, this cafe in Ottawa has everything you need in a great study spot. This spot is popular with people working or studying, so it is rather quiet inside too.

Equator Coffee 

Where: 412 Churchill Ave N

Grab a seat under the coffee marquee and spend the afternoon studying at Equator Coffee. During the day, you'll find pretty silent with several people quietly working.

The large coffee shop in Westboro has ample seating and you can enjoy a strong cup of coffee. Equator Coffee roasts all their own coffee, so you can enjoy high quality freshly roasted coffee whenever you visit.

The Grounds Cafe

Where: 5703 Hazeldean Rd

Located in Stittsville, Grounds Cafe makes the ideal place to study. Decorated with calming soft colors, you'll feel peaceful in their shop. The large cafe also has plenty of seating, so you'll never have trouble finding somewhere to sit.

While it is a bit far from downtown Ottawa, it is worth the drive to this cafe. Here you can enjoy a mug of fair trade coffee, and they offer a wide selection of fresh and healthy meals that are perfect to fuel you throughout your study session.

Arlington Five

Where: 5 Arlington Street

Arlington Five is a cute cafe to grab a cup of coffee and spend an hour or two studying. Here you can enjoy fantastic pastries and outstanding coffees.

The cafe has a few smaller tables, with a long table that is great for people who want to study. Come on by to support a locally owned coffee shop that is super charming. Before you leave, you need to take a photo of their trendy mural outside.

Morning Owl Coffeehouse + Variety

Where: 1047 Canadian Shield Ave

Morning Owl Coffeehouse has several locations across Ottawa, but the best one to visit if you want a quiet place to work would be their Kanata location. Compared to their downtown shops, their store near Kanata Centrum has fewer crowds.

The Kanata location, Morning Owl Coffeehouse + Variety is perfect to bring your books and study. Best of all, not only is the coffee and food here outstanding, but the shop is lovely too, with plants everywhere.

Quitters Coffee

Where: 1523 Main Street South

Quitters Coffee in Stittsville is worth driving to if you want a spot to study. This coffee shop feels like home, and you'll feel super comfortable working here for hours.

As Quitters Coffee as it is further from campus, it is the perfect spot to study because it is unlikely you'll find your friends in the same cafe. While this coffee shop is becoming trendier, because of the distance from downtown you can typically come here on weekdays and find it not very crowded.

Little Victories Coffee

Where: 801 Bank Street

If you haven't gone to Little Victories Coffee, you need to visit them for your next study session. This fantastic cafe is an independent specialty coffee roaster, so when you visit you can expect the perfect cup of coffee. 

Inside they have a very minimal and modern vibe that is super relaxing. It is the perfect spot to grab a cup of coffee and prepare for your upcoming midterms.

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