How TF are we already in August?! Honestly, it feels like yesterday I was walking out of my last exam with a giant smile on my face. Now it's August and people are already selling textbooks and TBH I am not ready. Summer is the best season because you can really enjoy the weather and not crave to be outside while you sit in class.

With fall on its way and your freedom is slowly leaving because of school, it's time to plan at least 10 more things you have to do before summer is done. Rally up your friends cause these 10 things are all pretty cheap meaning you have absolutely no excuse to not get them all done. 

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Morrison's Quarry // Wakefield, QC

If you haven't already been here at least once this summer, then you have to make at least 1 trip before summer is finished! The water here is crystal clear, you won't even feel like you're in Ottawa anymore.

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Sundae School // 222 Beechwood Avenue

You need to try these adorable ice cream sundaes before it's too cold for ice cream! Sundae School opened up in May, the shop is designed to look like a retro classroom with blackboards on the wall meaning it's also totally Insta worthy.

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Mosaï Canada 150 //  285 Laurier St

Head to the Mosaï Canada 150 sculptures and be completely amazed. I mean it's pretty obvious these sculptures won't make it through the winter, so you NEED to see them before everything is covered in snow. The sculptures will remain until October 15th, don't miss them.

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Ottawa Sign // ByWard Market

You have to check out the Ottawa Sign in the market. The sign is a part of Inspiration Village and it closes on September 4th. Head to the OTTAWA sign and grab a photo before the letters leave!

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Quelque Chose Pâtisserie // Multiple Locations

If you love ice cream, milkshakes, macarons, or all of them combined then you have to try out these milkshakes. This is definitely a thing you need to do ASAP before summer comes to an end.

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Princess Louise Falls // Orleans

Broke AF to go on a vacation this summer? Same. This waterfall will totally make you feel like you're not in Ottawa for a bit. This can be your quick getaway and you have to head here before summer is done!

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The Beach Shack // 2960 Riverside Drive

This cute AF beach shack is 100% being closed up once the snow comes back. The Beach Shack sells every item you would ever need to cool down. Ranging from ice cream sandwiches to Mr. Freeze slushies, this is a must visit before summer is gone.

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Tavern On The Hill // 1223 Alexandra Bridge

Sip on a cool drink while enjoying the views of Ottawa at Tavern On The Hill. Obviously this amazing patio will be packed away during the winter time and if you haven't already been here once this summer you have to go. Plan your final hang out with your friends and head to this stunning patio #GoodbyePatioSeason.

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Kontinuum // 300 Sparks Street

This is the first underground sound and light show that's held in a metro station and it's not here after the summer. This unreal light show was created to showcase Ottawa's LRT (Lyon Light Rail Transit) station to opening next year. It's a completely free event that will continue until September 14th.

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Golden Bubbles // 11 William Street

Golden Bubbles opened up and it's combined with My Sweet Tea. So you can grab a bubble waffle cone and a bubble tea on the same day. The shop opened up in July and it is 100% worth visiting before winter hits.